12 March 2010

Omiya at New Saitama City

Today's the 3rd day since I settle down here. After went to Kawagoe city centre to settle some documentation stuffs yesterday, today went ahead to renew my student visa at the immigration's Saitama branch office, located at the new Saitama city centre (新埼玉都心).

I'd prefer to get the documentations done ASAP as the faster it's being done, the better or so I think. Besides, it's also a good chance to visit new places, to see the Greater Tokyo~

Decided to walk to the Kawagoe station from my hostel. It took me 20 mins to reach there. I believe the time will cut short more than 50% if I'm on a bike.

Noticed this statue is placed near a busy road junction. I guess accidents may have happened here before.

I think the only place in the world to have cars parked like this would in Japan.

First I took the JR train from Kawagoe to Omiya (大宮), the busiest train station in Saitama-ken. Was kinda shocked to have so many different platforms connecting to so many lines!

Hesitated a little checking the train platform to switch train, and finally get to my destination. I also noticed that the train tend to stop longer at stations, say for like a min or two before continuing the journey. Distance between one station and another is quite far apart, as after all out of the city basically are plantation fields.

Stopped at this Kita-yono station (北与野駅), where the immigration office is located at.

As per Ms. Tashiro said, if one's not careful the signboard could be easily missed as it shares the same building with another company.

Luckily I got my counter number before they shutdown the counter for lunch break at 12pm.
got my number before they shutdown for lunch break.

Lunchtime, bought this unagi bento for 600 yen. It's been awhile since I had unagi....

The weather was good, around 10'C I think.

Checking out the streets map. I love these maps but too bad it's not widely available near my place in Kawagoe.

Downtown streets. Kinda quiet huh.

Love the modern buildings!

Anyway as 1pm reaches, headed back to the immigration office to wait. Current number was at 641, while my number is 658. Hmmmm....
But luckily I brought a book along to read, Master Xing Yun's (星云大师).

The renewal process went pretty smoothly and ended around 245pm. Next time I might be considering making the multiple-entry visa, and also the part-time's permit.

When it's done, decided to walk back to the Omiya station all the way to enjoy the scenery as well.


Nice artificial garden, I like it.

Docomo Tower in Saitama.

Saitama Super Arena.

The edge.





Noticed that I've the tendency to take pics of modern architectures. Somehow I just love them!!

Off topic: 2 Toyota siblings on the same platform, Belta (aka Vios in Malaysia) and Yaris.

Some structures reminded me of Tokyo except they're not that densely-packed.

Black Lexus IS-F!

Walking down the streets, looking here and there.

I happened to pass-by this Nissan showroom so....
Skyline coupe.

Showing the butt. GT-R.

Fairlady 370Z for test drive.

Also spotted this British animal. ^^

There's a Bic Camera shop in Omiya which I checked it out, as it'll be the closest one from my place after Ikebukuro's.
Asked about wireless Internet service there, comparing between Emobile and QWimax. The recommendation was QWimax as it doesn't need to be bonded for 2 years, and with better speed at 40Mbps.

Bustling Omiya~

Train back to Kawagoe took around 30 mins.
Back in Kawagoe, decided to check out a few more shopping malls for decent cabinets.
Found these at Muji (無印良品).

Still not sure whether I'm gonna get it or not, seems nice and fit in my room nicely. There're still some empty spaces and I plan to utilise it instead of placing my stuffs there.

Walked back to the hostel and reached at 730pm.
Dinner time~ The chicken meat tasted great!

That's all for today, another productive day getting things done. Tomorrow might rest a little but thinking of going to FGS Temple in the afternoon....


  1. Hmm.. your place there very nice still can see lots of high buildings. And lots of Famous Cooperation's buildings....

    QWimax? I didn't use it because it use somethings like Hot Spot, not using Phone wave.... Mean if The Hot Spot's server got problem, you cannot use.
    Also If you are far from the Hot Spot location, the speed is slow....
    But can't deny the speed is faster.

    Start to envious at you getting free breakfast and dinner everyday... haha.

  2. yea I supposed so. but since there's no 2 years contract so I can terminate it anytime I want, less hassle~
    still not sure whether wanna get it or not though.