03 November 2018

Summer Holiday in Malaysia Sept 2018

Ever since I've started working in 2014, I haven't really took the time off for vacation to let myself relax. This time, I've decided to take 2 weeks off going back home to spend some quality time with family and friends. This will be a lengthy post loaded with lots of pics.

Booked the premium seat when AirAsia had offer. Definitely worth the investment for this comfortable flat-bed seat!

In-flight meal has to be chicken rice!

Enjoying a cup of white coffee right in front of the arrival hall.

Right before reaching home, stop-by at a nearby place for some dim sum breakfast. I got a feeling that I'll be eating A LOT this time back.

Souvenirs brought back home. Some snacks and coffee.

Next morning, as usual the BKT session at Klang. This time trying out a new place which I haven't been to before.

New residential units built when I wasn't around.

Catching up with friend at Bangsar for the famous banana leaf rice. Fascinated by listening to her stories working in the legal field.

New attraction at the Central Market.

Nam Heong chicken rice!! Frequently visit here when I was learning the Japanese language nearby.

Revising the history of KL. Compared to Tokyo, KL is a rather young city as it began development in the mid 19th century. In contrast, around the same time in UK and Japan, they were experiencing industrial revolutions.

Masjid Jamek situated right in between the confluence of Klang River & Gombak River. This is where KL got its name, "Kuala Lumpur" literally the confluence of mud.

The landmarks of KL.

Didn't realized there's such gorgeous fountain behind the iconic building.

Overlooking the newly built luxury hotels.

Back to the street where I grew up. Certain things has changed and some didn't change at all. Too bad we no longer call this place home. This homecoming experience deserves another blog post for me to further talk about a particular issue that has been bothering me all these years ever since we've moved to our current home.

The familiar playground.

Paying visit to my primary school. Glad to see that the school has turn out even better and was surprised to find one of the teacher who taught me back then has been promoted to become the headmaster of the school!

Lovely scene at the local market displaying all the chicken rice at it's full glory.

Haircut by ex-classmate. Happy to hear that he became the top hair stylist in the salon.

Kit Kat Malaysia's special edition featuring nasi lemak, ais kacang and rose milk tea!

First time visiting Publika, the posh shopping mall featuring lots of Japanese shops and eateries.

Love the patriotic decor inside the mall.

The Federal Territory Mosque sort of resembles the Blue Mosque in Istanbul.

Teh tarik session at the mamak stall with friends I met earlier this year when they were visiting Tokyo. Brought them for sushi and in return I was well-fed with Thai food hahah. I remember got to know one of them through blog like 10 years ago, and her blog link is still listed on the right sidebar.

The main event of this trip would be the wedding of my primary and secondary schoolmates. Very happy to see all the familiar faces and catching up with them, some whom I haven't met since graduating from the school more than 10 years ago!

Another round of BKT, this time at the familiar outlet.

Attended a Malay wedding with all these lovely settings.

Visiting the Thean Hou Temple. I've written a short post on Instagram about this special place.

Awana Genting. Had great memories staying here many many years ago.

First time visiting the Genting Premium Outlet. Price-wise may not be that cheap in RM, but if convert to JPY it's still quite OK.

The set meals for the family cost about the same for lunch in Tokyo.

Genting Highlands outdoor theme park is still under construction to overhaul the outdated theme park. Wanna come back again when the new theme park is ready.

First World Hotel. Used to come here quite often when we were still living at the old place.

Above the clouds.

Complimentary stay at a new hotel. Kinda underwhelming from all the hypes....

The view from the pool is pretty cool though.

My last visit to the Batu Caves was in 2000 and oh my it has turned colourful!

Had Yong Tau Foo near the old home. Still the same taste, love it!

Visiting family friend's house.

Refreshing view of Wangsa Maju from another perspective. Would love to revisit here again some other day when the weather is better.

My favourite chicken rice!! Usually we only order the steamed chicken, this time I asked for the roast chicken drumstick. Glorious is how I would describe it.

My first pair of Adidas shoes bought in 2004. I still remember was very happy to got it back then and wrote about it on this very blog. Since then I've become a loyal Adidas fan.

Unfortunately it doesn't last long when I worn it for some walking.... Farewell my dear DX-1 TF, you had served me well and thanks for all the memories. ;(

Great view of Sunway Lagoon.

Sunway Resort looks promising.

Almost miss this, managed to had Nando's for my lunch at the airport before the flight back to Tokyo. Sincerely hope that Nando's will expand their brand in Japan!

The departure hall at KLIA2. The end of the summer holiday. After all these years, I still can be weak at this spot.

High above the clouds, resolutions were made.
Overall, it was a great summer holiday break back home. Before the holiday break I was sort of lost in directions on where should I be concentrating next, and thankfully I’ve figured out what should I focus next. Currently there are 2 things in my mind and hopefully if both went well, I would post and update here again. Next year is gonna be an eventful year for sure.

Lastly, I would like to thank my family and friends again for making this trip back home a memorable one! 'til we meet again next year! :D