23 December 2007

Nike football boots for 2008

Nike football boots for 2008

Nike is releasing a series of new boots in the first day of certain months, starting from the first day of 2008.

Nike is obviously trying to sell the variations of Vapor boots in this new year, featuring Vapor4 and Vapor SL. I thought SL suppose to go for a limited production run, but Nike's smart enough to extend the production. From the pic you could see a slight difference in the Vapor4 and SL, especially the heel part. I guess the materials used in the boots separate between the two boots. Vapor4 is made of synthetic leather, while SL is made of fibre-glass.

The Legend series, still remain it's classic look. This time they'll face a tough competition from Adidas' Adipure.
Oh and also Ronaldinho will be able to compete with Kaka with football boots as R10 series will get an update too. Anyhow I still think Adipure looks better than Ronaldinho2 Legend.

The Lasers however, will be facelifted and renamed as Laser2. I'm still skeptical on Nike's move replacing the Air Zoom Total series with this Lasers, very unorthodox design. I wonder whether the rubber ring in the middle really works for kicking the ball better.

For me, only the Air Legend series look good, the rest, below my expectations. :\

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