21 December 2007

Emotion Control



These few days back I've been experiencing emotional outbreaks from a third-person's point of view. It's uncomfortable to have someone around you acting desperately to overcome the mental strain, eg: crying, shouting, freakin' out etc. It is disturbing and it's 'infectious' too, dragging those who're not involved into the hot pot at the same time.

As for myself, I've a certain thoughts on how to control and maintain my emotion. I think it is important that I kept my emotion under control so that I wont be doing silly things when my mind is driven wild by excess mental strain.

At most of the time I only show a little hint of my emotion, while hiding the real thoughts back. Most of the hidden emotions are slight negative, and I prefer to show my positive side to the public.

I've been training myself to be tolerate on matters, try to get use to changes, like dealing with new peoples. I learn how to be compromising with others, so that we can work together in a peaceful matter. This is also a good practice to figure out different types of persons.

I believe most of us have someone in our mind that we dislike, or hate. Same  applies to myself, but most of them are history for now (they're still alive, just no longer in my "hatred list" anymore). I met most of these "enemies" back in school, or in recent case, mates from the National Service camp. At the initial stage when I knew them, I was utterly disguised and disturbed by them, by their actions, talks and reactions. At that time I'd show them the bitter side of mine, trying to take them off the arrogant throne.

After some time, mostly months or years later, I did not held any grudge on them anymore. Within the time-skip I'd forget about their nasty things that make me dislike them, however I'd start to take them as another friend. Whenever meeting them again after it's like meeting an old friends again. For this compromising attitude, I'm happy to say that I have no enemy or whoever I hate!  :D

I've seen friends of mine having problem to deal with emotional problems. My solution for them is listen to a few relaxing music pieces, which I strongly recommend to anyone who needs it. It works for me to de-stress, while for others I dunno it works for them, because different people have different ways to handle this.

Emotional outbreak is not the best way to solve problems. When we're in the state of rage or upset, the way we think will be disturbed, and now our most valuable asset, the brain, will start to think of weird things that one usually wouldn't think of. The worst case scenario from this outrage might involve human life too, whether it's suicide or homicide. Of course for the people around me, things haven't gone so wrong until they'll be desperate to choose these options, well it's happening outside there, frequently unfortunately.

Living in this 21st century prove to be a big challenge for everyone. Things are starting to evolve, a new dimension has been form. We must change ourselves, physically and mentally in order to cope with the new development of humankind. Before we could change the world, we have to change ourselves first, and the best is to start off with switching to a proper mindset. In our mindset, the core of every thoughts are based on the instinctive emotion we had. Emotion cannot be ignored, for it's power to lead a person to success, or drive a person crazy enough to kill.....

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