20 December 2007


This holiday I've been spending quite some time watching movies with fellow gangs.
I just watched two movies though, not the crazy movie-spree as you can imagine.

I've watched The Golden Compass and National Treasure: Book of Secrets.
How was the movie? One of them is good, and one of them is bad.

I went for The Golden Compass first, and I heard a few friends of mine praise the movie. In the end, it turn out to be a total disappointment.

The story starts out of sudden explaining very briefly at the beginning, then suddenly jump into "adventure" of the little girl Lyra.

The battle and journey to the North Pole is not something the movie can be proud of, it doesn't have the suspense element in it, it's just not quite the kind of atmosphere for the movie.

What make it worse is, the ending part. Like the intro, the ending part covered very briefly and boom there goes the credits rolling in.

I'd say Harry Potter movie series looks better than The Golden Compass a lot, although I had a lot of thoughts and comments on the HP series.

There must be a sequel coming up within few years time, and I dont expect myself turn out in the cinema to catch the sequel. It's just not worth it, wasted my money on a kiddie movie, crap.

This movie aired today. Nice I'd say, far better than the kiddie compass stuff.
At least, this movie is much realistic than TGC.

I did not watch the prequel National Treasure, but I did not miss much of it's story. Pretty interesting stuff to deal with the history of the United States. Way back to the US Civil War in 19th century.

I like this movie where it showcase latest technology geeks such as Apple iBook, iPod, Motorola V3 phone, and not to mention the high-end Mercedes Benz.

I personally like the scene where the bad guys chasing the good guys in the streets of London. The protagonists escape in the new Mercz C 280, while chased by the antagonists in a Land Rover and another antique Rolls Royce/Bentley.

This movie isn't that serious as it speaks, with some humour elements added in the conversation, make it more lively.

Well of course, the movie do have it's flaws. Some questions did not been answered, like what's the meaning of the code where Mrs. Gates told Mr Gates sr. Also, what's in the page 47 of the President's book?
As for the page 47 stuff perhaps it'll be the clue for the next sequel of this series?


A little disappointed that both movies did not involve too much background musics, or the background musics arent outstanding enough. Of course given these kind of movies might not need to employ heavily-orchestral tracks, but I'm keen on experiencing the music that could change the movie, just like Lord of The Rings (Howard Shore), Star Wars (John Williams), Pirate of the Caribbean (Hans Zimmer).

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