23 December 2007

Adidas adiPure

Adidas' answer in order to stop Nike's Legend series from dominating the classic/retro market of football boots.


AdiPure comes in two colours for now, black and white, as you can seen from above pics.

Adidas AdiPURE

Some Adidas players switches from the Predator series to the AdiPure series, most notably is Kaka, the Brazilian and AC Milan ace player.

Kaka with AdiPURE

Adidas used to promote classic boots during World Cup 2006 in the 7406 series, but because of it's material quality (calf leather instead of k-leather) only a few of these boots worn by actual players. The only player I noticed wearing this 7406 boots is Ashley Cole from Chelsea.

Actually AdiPure is pretty much a redesigned 7406, if you look closely.

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