10 March 2010

First Walk Down Kawagoe

Morning woke up around 8am awaken by the alarm to had my breakfast. One thing I don't really like is the breakfast provided only last til 830am only, so gonna wake up earlier eventhough I'm reluctant to do so.

So today's the 2nd day I'm here in the new place. First thing I'd do is to make changes on my alien registration card (外国人登録証). Yeah weird name I know.

Kawagoe City Council (川越市役所). Took around 20 mins by bicycle to reach.

The foreigner's department.

The process was done rather quickly without any much hassle. Briefly met a Nepalese student over there who's studying in a Japanese language school nearby.

Next stop, post office to make address changes on the account. Noticed the traditional design?

I was actually at the main street of the Koedo Machi (小江戸町), one of Kawagoe's famous attraction.


Not many shops open, as I guess the bad weather and weekdays doesn't help the business much.

Landmark clock tower of Koedo

These traditional shophouse reminded me of the Chinese traditional shophouses in Malaysia too, like in Penang.

Traditional shophouse pops out in the middle of urban settings.

As I ride down from the Koedo-machi to the urban city street of Kawagoe, the scene immediately reminds me that I'm still in the modern age lol.

Interesting vending machine which takes the design of a train.

Today's lunch, Tsukemen. Nothing much to write down, Tetsu's still the best.

Since I'm in Kawagoe city, decided to ride to the university' Kawagoe campus to ask about something.

On the way, spotted this Kawagoe hot spring.

University's entrance. Next time I'll try to take photo capturing the entire building.

To the left is the cafeteria. Center is the main hall. To the right is lecture and class block where I sit for my university entrance exam last year.

Seems that the info I wanted will be send over by next week, so for now I'll just wait for it.

Following are shots on the way back to my place.

Proton Wira!

Snowy field.

Roses in the garden~

Early-bloom sakura!

Lastly, the field covered with snow.

I was actually lost when I'm going back from the university. Kinda crazy if I were to pass-by the highway with cars zooming around and the narrow roads.

That's all for now. Tomorrow I should be going to the immigration to settle visa stuffs. It's located at the city of Saitama.

'til then....

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