09 March 2010

Moving Out, to Saitama!

Today woke up rather early at 730am to prepare myself for the final morning I'll be spending in Tokyo. Mixture of excited and reluctant feelings, but anyway I've to move on because this is just the beginning!

Clean as it.


Settled both electric & gas bills.

The moving company truck, quite big eh.

The journey starts around 1015am, where the chap told me the journey would take almost 2 hours time.

On the way I've taken lots of pics on the road, passing through a few familiar streets, to the other areas of Tokyo which I've yet to explore, and out of Tokyo to Saitama.

The difference between Tokyo and Saitama is quite significant just after crossing the border. You can see it from this video slideshow.


Besides a little traffic jam waiting for the traffic light, the journey went pretty smoothly.
The weather was crazy though, from a little drizzle, to sleet and finally snow! Didn't expect that it'll still snow in March, heard Tokyo snowed too.

So here're some pics when I just came into the room.

View outside my window.

Same view, an hour later, heh.

Comfy bed!

The desk with map of Japan + calendar. Got it from Bic Camera some time ago.

Tour of my room.

The entrance.

The hostel keeper's room.

Laundry room. The washing machines are free to use but the dryer takes 100 yen for a 30 mins ride.

A modern Western toilet, yeah.

Tonight's dinner. Main course is ika (cuttlefish) cooked with daikon (white radish), miso pork. The vege, rice and miso soup is free flow!

My name badge in the middle, sandwiched by Japanese lol.

Well so far so good in the new hostel. I still can't really comment on it, but initial impression is that most facilities are better than previous hostel.
One downside is that the Internet connection disconnect from time to time and I shall enquire with the ISP tomorrow.

Of course, no matter how luxury the hostel might be, not having any familiar faces around is a sad case. :(
But then I hope I can get to know some of them soon.

'til then, it'll be another 2 years to go over here.... (2 years in this hostel for now, as per the contract).


  1. yo bro!!!
    good luck in ur new hostel
    i have to postpone mine and i'll be moving out this Sunday.

  2. yeah, good luck there bro! no more delays hopefully! >_<