08 March 2010

Pre-moving out

So far March has been a busy month after finishing the Japanese language course here in Tokyo.
Just to refresh abit, this coming April I will be attending Shobi University (尚美学園大学) located in Kawagoe, Saitama prefecture (埼玉県川越市).

I'll be moving out from Tokyo on 9th March, which is tomorrow. I've actually start searching for a new place last Dec, and signed the contract in Feb which I'll be staying for at least 2 years there. Here're some pics of the new room.

Started packing since last week, as there're quite a lot of stuffs to sort out and cleaning to do. Since I had the time to boot so I can do things according to my own pace, not rushing at all.

Some pics of the moving preparation....

I still haven't clean up the desk yet as I'll be using it til the very last moment by tomorrow morning lol.

Last view from my window.

Almost emptied closet.

There're still some stuffs which I haven't really clear off though.

Cleaning the sink was still OK but the stove was quite a mess. Anyway got everything done already.
IMG_0553 stitch

My room, still not totally clear off yet.

Boxes (ダンボール) provided by the moving company which I still haven't use it yet.

So far had these 9 items placed at another larger room waiting to be collected. At the end of the day I had almost 20 items to move over (including bicycle).

From tomorrow onwards this room will not belong to me anymore.

Just a reminder to compare the Internet speed with the new place.
The current one:
Speed Test

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