31 December 2009

2009, the year that was

Well this is the end of the year again. Wow..... Come and think of it, this year seems like passed quite fast. To be honest few weeks ago I wasn't still prepared for new year yet, only when the decorations turned from Christmas trees to the bamboo shoots (Japan's new year deco), I realised that 2009 will soon be a past tense.

Alright, a brief roundup on what I've been up to for the past 12 months.

January 2009
* It started as the 2nd month I'm learning Japanese language, preparing for the day that soon I'll be coming over to Japan on latter months.

February 2009
* The annual Chinese New Year which I went back to Kedah again. It's regrettable to say that I dunno when I can join them for CNY celebrations again as it clashed with my study schedule.
[more pics here]

March 2009
* Celebrated my 20th birthday. Got myself a new laptop (which I'm using currently) & watched Kitaro's concert in Genting as my birthday gifts.
* This month also is the final month I'm learning Japanese language in Malaysia. In other words, the last time I'm staying in Malaysia.
* Threw a farewell party at local restaurant and more friends turn out that I expected. Many thanks to all!  :D

April 2009
* The fateful month, when I departed towards the land of dream, Japan, a place where it sounded great but I haven't seen it for myself. Good thing it started off with the sakura blossoming season, spring!

* Started my lesson in the Japanese language school here in Tokyo. Besides that I've been spending some time explore the famous places in Tokyo. Got myself a new digital camera which serves this blog with lots of pictures.
Canon IXY Digital 920 IS box

May 2009
* Is a busy month attending classes and occasionally went out to explore Tokyo, like the Imperial Palace, Asakusa, Ikebukuro & Akihabara.
Tokyo Imperial Palace

June 2009
* As the weather is turning a little warmer, no longer need to wear many layer of cloths.
* Participated in a local matsuri, first Japanese culture activity I ever joined.

* The education fair in Ikebukuro was crucial for me to find out my future university, and I'm glad that I've found my answers there.
* The passing of the King of Pop, Michael Jackson. I still remember I read the live news feed on BBC around 8am in the morning, going from "fallen ill" to "confirm dead".

July 2009
* Quite a busy month for me. Went to my future university for the first time for the open campus visit.
* School trip to somewhere near Mt Fuji, but too bad the weather wasn't that good enough to see the famous mountain clearly. But anyway the waterfall was quite spectacular.

August 2009
* Short summer holiday started. First stop, Ueno Zoo!
* Briefly back to KL for a week to settle up something. Had some great meals, met relatives, checked out the new house, and fly back to Tokyo again.
* Went to the observatory of Sunshine City at Ikebukuro. Coincidentally there's a Naruto exhibition going on so I had a feast there.

* My bike which went missing on July was miraculously identified and returned to me by the end of the month! Eventually I sold it off though.

September 2009.
* Participated in local bon-odori! Worn yukata as well hah!

* The next morning after bon-odori attended the disaster prevention training at a local park. A new experience as managed to get up to the fire-truck and see the world from

* Enjoyed sushi dinner with friends. 100 yen for a plate!

October 2009
* End of summer-early autumn means the typhoon's breeding season. "Encountered" my first typhoon experience here, but rather out of my expectations lol.
* First visit to Ginza, and quickly became one of my favourite hangout spot soon.

* Well, having some great time with friends, eating sushi & yakiniku together, chatting all the way~
* Tokyo Motorshow 2009, though I didn't made a post for it but there's a dedicated post for the most exotic car displayed there, the Lexus LFA.

November 2009.
* Busiest month of all, especially dealing with university exam and the Japanese language exams. It started with me submitting my university's application directly to the university.
* Next up, EJU exam and university's entrance exam. At the end of the day I've managed to passed the university and got a recommendation from school which reduce a little fees (still quite expensive though).

December 2009
* Went to "salvage" the last few scenes of the red leaves. Too bad I discover it kinda late so there isn't much left for me.
[more pics here]

* Hangout at Omotesando after finishing the JLPT level 2 exam.

* Watched Kabuki theatre at Asakusa, and had great yakiniku dinner!

* Winter holiday started, and the first thing I did was head over to the university there and look for next year's hostel. Glad that I've found a good one.
* Picked up EJU's result from school. Wasn't that bad eh.
* Minimal Christmas "celebration".
* Besides that I've been to many places but I haven't blog it out all right here. Some pics from the many outings.....

Odaiba (お台場), 10 Dec.

Asukayama, Oji (飛鳥山、王子), 18 Dec.

Ochanomizu (御茶ノ水), 21 Dec.

Disney Sea, 22 Dec.

Ueno (上野), 24 Dec.

Tokyo Tower (東京タワー), 26 Dec.

..... and there you go, the sum up of part of the things happening in 2009 for me heh.

Previously I've mentioned that 2009 may have ended the way I didn't want it to be, but looking on the big picture, it wasn't a bad year eh. I've learn some lessons here and there, as staying outside here one have to deal with almost everything so gonna be prepared for it.

My hope for 2010, to do well in university, hopefully can landed myself with scholarships (yes, in plural), enjoy life in Japan and hopefully match all pieces of puzzles in my life.

A new year, shall implant new wisdom and intelligent in me. People improve year by year, and 2010's CLF will definitely be better than the CLF in 2009!

Let 2010 be a great year to come for everyone~!  :)


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