28 December 2009

Tokyo Tower & Avatar

Ever since I came to Tokyo, I've always wanted to see one of Tokyo's landmark, the Tokyo Tower up-close.

First encounter, Tokyo Tower from distance away when I went to explore the Imperial Palace in May.
Tokyo Tower far away

It's just a mere 332.5m height, and it's not that you can see it from anywhere in Tokyo. Well still.... you'll never know things until you explore it eh.

Let the photos do the talking.

 Some distance away from the closest metro station.


Somehow looks like Paris' Eifel Tower.

Let's twist/bend the tower!


Elevator leading towards the observatory deck.

Night view. The small dot on the left is dear lunar.

Let's zooooom!

The magic number 2009, the year that will be replaced by 2010 soon.


Trying to stitch the pic up.
IMG_6883 Stitch
IMG_6879 Stitch

With (accidental) and without flash.

Leaving the Tokyo Tower.

I didn't get into the observatory deck, not because of the ticket but the timing isn't right. I prefer to stay up there to see the skyline turning from daylight to night. I went there late on that day unfortunately.

You may noticed that I didn't took any pics what's inside the base of Tokyo Tower. Well as one can expected from such a tourist destination, souvenir shops, a handful of restaurants and amusement facilities.

One particular thing that puts me off is the 50's architecture design of the Tokyo Tower, so instead of showing the modern side of Tokyo, you're basically taken back how buildings in Tokyo looks like 50 years ago.
So I told myself, Kuala Lumpur Tower wasn't that bad after all.

As I left Tokyo Tower, I've decided to walk to Ginza as according to the map it's just a few KMs away. I dunno how long it took but at last I've reached there.

While I passed by the cinema, noticed the screen's showing Avatar in 3D, one of the most talked movies in 2009. Without thinking much, popped the the cinema and bought the ticket. It cost 1.8k yen btw.

アバター is what it called in Japanese, pronounced as "Abataa"

First time watch a movie in Japan's cinema yeah!

The 3D spectacle.

The movie was great, breathtaking effects and storyline, and absolutely love the scenery in the movie! The music scores used were perfectly blended in with the story too, which is a big plus from me as the composer is the legendary James Horner.

The movie ended around 11pm++ which kinda freaks me out as I don't wanna miss the train back to the hostel. It's not funny to miss the last train of the day eh.

Well then, still had a few "exploring" log/journal which I'd like to share with you people there. Stay tune....


  1. Avatar in japanese or english? haha

  2. Original English with Japanese subtitle.