28 December 2009

Christmas 2009

Season greetings, to my blog readers. Happy new year in advance and may you all have another wonderful year to go in 2010.

Xmas tree in front of Sony Building, Ginza.

So how do you guys celebrate Xmas this year? Hanging out with friends counting down? Dinner with family? Or spend the precious time with the partner? No matter what that's good isn't it?

Another random Xmas tree in Ginza.

Well as for me, this year's Xmas is just like another plain day I had during this winter break. I spent my Xmas eve exploring Ueno, resting at room on Xmas morning, and then late night drink party with friends til 4am in the morning.

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Rather simple for me, but well, it doesn't bother me much whether to celebrate it or not as of all these years, at most I would be celebrating at my friend's house for the annual Xmas party. And few years back, I would be "celebrating" Xmas by traveling elsewhere.

This year's Christmas..... made no difference at all. Sure, the light decos over here in Tokyo were amazing, the illuminations do lit up the sombre streets and cheering people's mood up, but not mine. These Xmas lights doesn't charm me at all.

Tall Xmas tree inside one of the malls in Odaiba, Tokyo.

I see irony in myself that I keep taking the pics of Christmas trees I came across here, even though I don't really had the mood to embrace the atmosphere.

Floating Xmas tree on the lake, taken in Disney Sea Tokyo.

Christmas here, is nothing more than a commercial gimmick, similar to Feb 14. People thought that Xmas is a season where one would exchange gifts, hangout with friends and family, and had a great feast of meals. Although myself isn't a Christian, but somehow I know that Xmas meant the birth of JC.

You may argue that Christmas celebration doesn't need to be clinched to the religion origin as long as people are having great time "celebrating" it. It's not just Xmas, other festive celebrations could be included in the list as well, like the mentioned V day.

Xmas-themed Louis Vuitton boutique in Omotesando, Tokyo.

Perhaps you may pardon me for the random thoughts here, well this is end of the year and many things had been going on lately. It's regrettable for myself to see that some things doesn't went smoothly as I expected, but well, it's just a tiny piece of the big puzzle of life.

Anyhow I've learn a lot in this year. Am grateful for all the lessons, and next year gonna be another year with lots of challenge ahead, I'll be officially starting my university life soon. Promise gonna work hard and try to aim for the scholarships.

Well til then, happy new year to everyone again.  :)

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