27 December 2009

Temporary Update

Hello people, I'm still alive and around hah. Well, Christmas had been over and here comes the New Year's celebration.

Christmas was rather bland for me, spent Xmas eve alone exploring Ueno, rested during Xmas day due to excessive spicy food I took, and then had a late-night drinking party til 4am on the 26th morning.

Well yesterday went to Tokyo Tower to explore the tower itself but thought that KL Tower's facilities are better than the Tokyo's version. Besides, KL Tower's taller. :P
Well you can't really compare both as one's built in the 50's and another one is in the 90's.

Also, last night had this spontaneous reaction to watch this probably blockbuster of the year, Avatar in 3D.

That's all for the brief update, gonna be writing up bits by bits when I have more time. Cheerio people.

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