03 January 2010

Adidas Scorch Mb+

The other day when I went to Omotesando with friend, we walked into Adidas shop and started to browse around. Soon my eyes set on a rack which piled up with shoes and some accessories. The rack was stuck with the word "SALE" so it must be some sort of stock clearance.


A white colour sports-shoe caught my attention, and to my pleasure there's the UK size 10 which I worn usually for my Adidas shoes.

Adidas Scorch Mb+

It was fated that I would have bought the shoe as I told my friend I'd like to have a pair of such shoe, and there I had it, the shoe mentioned and comes with a discounted price.
After trying it out awhile, I like it and bought it straight away. It cost 4k yen, while the original price is somewhere around 15k yen as shown on the old pricetag heh.

The 2 sides.

Top view.

The sole.

The main reason I bought the shoe, the rubbery elements placed between the sole and the body of the shoe. Sort of like basketball shoe.

Me trying it out.

Aligned together with the other 2 pairs of Adidas shoes I brought here, Truant ATS (left) and Predator Absolado (right).

To justify the purchase, the Truant ATS is kinda worn out after prolonged use as after all, I've been to quite many places with it since I purchased it in March. It's quite comfy but the problem is that it couldn't handle long-distance walking well.
As for sports, it performs quite well in the indoor but it isn't suitable for football. That's why I brought the Predator Absolado for football purpose, in case I need to be on the field anytime.

This Scorch Mb+ needed some time to "break in" (a term referring to the feet getting use to the new footwear), and I find it uncomfortable at first especially on the left foot's sole, but I reckon it was caused by an old injury I had. Thankfully it's broken in now and it's very comfortable to walk around with it.

To me, footwear is important as I'm keen on exploring new places, so having a durable and comfortable footwear is a necessary to keep my ambitions keep on going hah.
I've been stuck with Adidas' footwear since 2004 and unlikely to switch to the rival Nike..... just yet.

My first pair of Adidas, DX-1 TF, the footwear that started all.....
Adidas DX-1 TF

Trivia 1: This new addition Scorch Mb+ is my 6th Adidas footwear.  :)
Trivia 2: It is also my first ever Adidas which do not feature RED colour!

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