22 May 2005

Sweetener in my mind 5

Well actually today I sms'd HJ wrongly. I clicked my phone's phone address so fast untill mis-clicked her number. Actually I was sending a msg to inform ChinWei that I'm watching Star Wars. Sigh.... dunno how come I pressed her number. :S

Evening she online. I forgot about the sms stuff. She asked me watch Star Wars? I say yes, and ask her how she know it. So then she tell me about the sms. I felt myself dumb, but anyway telling her is harmless. ;)

She say she might be going for a movie. She say she prefers Star Wars or a movie called the "chucky"(???). I dunno what movie is that.
Since she suggested Star Wars, so I tell her if she want go I'll follow. 'coz Star Wars really worth the price to watch again. :D

So I asked her she prefers watch with me or go with other friends. She say she scare if go with me, scare other ppl spread rumour out lol!

Before we could decide anything, she offline, for the reason want to watch Naruto. :S

Oh well, I still have days to go to decide what we really should do then. There's long way to go. I might call up Chin Wei and Mei Gie go too, if they're interested.



  1. You lucky bastard! :P

    And Chucky is from the 'Child's Play' series. The latest movie is 'Seed of Chucky'.

  2. Hey dude thx for the info! :)

  3. wow, u r really lucky. u jus tell her that if 'both of u' nuting, then no need worry or scare rumour spread ma..

    if got thing aso nv mind ma, if she scare, u can denied it ma..lol

    btw, isit u really wana sms ChinWei? or use ChinWei as excuse??haha

  4. LOL.... perhaps is an good excuse. :P
    Well that time I really mis-click. :S