22 May 2005

Ahahahahaha... I pwn'd!!!

There's a reason why I stay 'til late night today. Not b'coz of girl, but b'coz of a guy.

Nah I'm not gay, but just having fun time fooling someone that I dont really have chance to fool in school.

OK so this poor dude happens to me one of our school's famous boy, C. Sun Hua lol....

Since he's still new to the internet world, so I'm trying to crush him with some knowledge like blog.... MSN.... Wikipedia.... etc lol!!

Usually I cant fight his words in school, but now I'd turn the table around. Wahahahahaha!!!

Dunno how he'll settle things with me next week lol!!

Btw this is a pic of me with Sun Hua... the poor player on the net lol.


William Tell Overture.

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