07 October 2011

Rest In Peace, Steve Jobs

On 6th Oct's morning I woke up discovering the horrible news of Steve Jobs' demise just a day after iPhone 4S is launched.

I learn the news from the very device that he created, it is a habit of mine to check out stuffs on iPhone the first thing I woke up (after disabling the alarm clocks).
"Is it a sign that Apple is declining?" I thought

Almost half a year ago the Americans rejoiced over the death of Osama bin Laden, and today they mourn over the death of Steve Jobs.
Even so, the news doesn't come in surprise as it's expected, after he stepped down as the CEO of Apple slightly more than a month ago, citing health concerns.

While I wouldn't consider myself as a big Apple fan, nevertheless he's such a figure that has made a huge impact in the IT world. Without his brilliance, kinda doubtful how advance the electronic devices had evolved in the past decades, especially the first decade of the 2 millennium (iMac, iPod, iPhone etc).
Without him, where are the Androids, and Windows?

Sporting the infamous iPod earbud t-shirt my sis got for me from Beijing to mark the departure of the creator.

This iPod Touch 3rd generation is my first ever Apple product, also thanks to my sis again who'd get it for me. While it's a 2009 model, I only get to use it during the summer of 2010. It serves as a practise tool to get used to the iOS device before I get on hold of the iPhone of that time.

The iPhone 4 is probably one of my most versatile and useful gadget to date. Got it around end of September 2010 after returning from summer break in Malaysia. It sure had changed the way I use the mobile phone. Ironically, I seldom use the Phone function of it though. :P

Talk about iPhone 4, I guess one cannot miss out the keynote launching the iPhone 4.
The best Steve Jobs keynote in my book. [link]

iPhone and iPod.

I acquired this MacBook Pro when I went back to Malaysia this summer. In the audio editing world it's a norm to use a Mac so it'll be better for me to get used to it earlier so that I can learn more stuffs from now onwards.
Side note: you can get discounted price via Apple Store for Education, save a few hundred Ringgits here.

Thoughts of using Apple stuffs for over a year, although there're some purposely-made limitations to disallow the devices to shine at it's full potential, learning to use it is quite easy, especially the iPod and iPhone. The same may not apply on MacBook Pro though, initially I find it not quite direct like the keyboard shortcuts and settings, but slowly getting used to it now. Sometimes when switch back to Windows I'd hit Alt T instead of Ctrl T (shortcut for open new tab), as on the Mac the Cmd key replaces the spot Alt key usually sits on Windows keyboard.

A few tweets made about Steve Jobs:

On the humor side, at least Steve Jobs can now start selling Apple products at a whole new market: iHeaven. #RIPSteveJobs

Steve Jobs' biography release date once again pushed ahead huh, to be released on 24 Oct.
Read a report says that the pre-order had rocketed up to 55,000%! Ridiculous!!

Rumour speaks that the newly announced iPhone 4S mean iPhone 4(for) Steve.

Surprisingly this quote from Batman Begins fits in well to describe Steve Jobs.
"If you make yourself more than just a man, if you devote yourself to an ideal and if they can’t stop you, you become something else entirely – a legend"

Farewell to the maverick of the technology world, and thank you for inspiring people to work out what they believe in.

‎"Stay hungry, stay foolish."
Steve Jobs (1955 - 2011)

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