05 October 2011

Early Autumn of October

It's been 2 weeks since coming back to Japan without realizing it lol. Well am currently busy for the new semester. Glad that able to cope with everything seamlessly. After all it's just like repeating what I've been through half a year ago.

Usually during autumn semester I'm slightly more free compared to spring semester coz I'll take up max credits on spring and leave lesser credits to take for autumn. This time I had 4 days with class starting from 1040am which means I can wake up slightly later than usual. :P

Talk about credits, we're only allowed to take up to 44 credits per year, and max 24 credits per semester. Another piece of good news would be i've managed to maintain CGPA which is great. :)

In this sem it seems that I'll be taking more subjects related to information than my major which is sound engineering. Not particularly bad as I took a lot during spring and a drastic change like this is essential to keep things interesting to continue study.

Well then, off with pictures again~ :)

Sushi made me felt better as it's something I actually look forward in Japan. Don't need to further introduce this big fat juicy Salmon.

Slightly-grilled scallop!! Yummy!

Kawagoe Matsuri coming soon!

Newly opened ramen shop just around the corner. Korakuen had a few branches around neighbourhood city and finally it's landed here.

As usual, testing out their tsukemen as my personal benchmark. Not bad it was.

Another day's dinner, trying out their ramen and fried rice. Always love to put more chili oil to the fried rice lol.

It's quite shocking but typical Japanese meal comes with little vege or none at all. So they made this juice 30% from vege and the rest from fruits to compensate the lack of greens.

BOH Tea Gold Blend is a great gift to be given to friends or lecturers. Presentable, quality-assured and it doesn't cost a bomb most importantly! (available around RM 5~6 for 25 packs in Malaysia's hypermarkets)

This bike which had been serving me for the past 2.5 years was officially declared unfit to continue it's service. Rear tyre was punctured and when I sent it to the bicycle shop for checkup, noticed some ungoing problems and fixing it up will cost more than 5k yen. So might as well retire it as after all I'm not it's first owner.
(backstory of this bike)

So.... got this new one. May not look anything special but it's much sportier than the previous "family" bike. Kinda addicted to it's 7 speed gears, speeding all way down oh yeah!

Flaming sunset.

Autumn's flower season is just around the corner! :D
(last year's album)

Visiting Kitain of Kawagoe again.

That's all for now, kinda looking forward for events that will be unfold within this few weeks. October sure is a busy month huh!! ;)

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