25 September 2011

Summer 2011 Part VII: Set sail, Malaysia

As the end of September looms, a month's break back in Malaysia is coming to an end as well. Great times passed very fast eh.

Over the past few weeks I've had great times. Sisters coming back for short stay and then devouring lots of nice foods around, bucking up the weight count too. Life's been great....

2nd time having Snowflakes dessert. Slowly start to love it as ice dessert is the best way to cool off during a hot day.

Worth to mention this nasi bojari I had at Mid Valley's Madam Kwan's. Although abit pricey at RM 22, it's simply delicious!! Perfectly fried drumstick, sambal prawn, and replacing the beef rendang with chicken curry. Damn good it was!

During the Mid-Autumn Festival (中秋节) went to Thean Hou Temple for some sort of celebration. Usually I'll come here like once every half year, the other being the last day of Chinese New Year (元宵节).

The majestic temple.

A band consist of 4 youngsters entertaining the crowd with some Chinese classics. I must say I'm impressed with their performance. Their website.

Lantern is the symbol for Mid-Autumn Festival.

One of the few times where kids can play with fire without being scolded by adults heh.

Angry Birds lantern spotted!

Another morning, headed to Klang for another round of bah kut teh. This round we had it at Yeoh's Bah Kut Teh at Klang.

Surveying future property. Can you recognise where is this?

The family's favourite curry fish head stall, at a hawker center just beside Tesco Puchong.

Make your own durian ice cream by putting it into the freezer. However the seed is still inside.

Watched Nasi Lemak 2.0!! Not that bad and it's pretty amusing. Malaysians should go watch in the cinema now if you haven't do so!!

Love to drive on the North-South highway with such great blue sky and low traffic.

The final pic of Malaysia, is taken from the AirAsia flight bound to Tokyo. Was seated at the left window seat and spotted my neighbourhood up from the plane! Until today I still find it amazing heh.

Journey back to Tokyo was a pleasant one. No damage on luggage and barely able to catch the train back to my place. Luckily there wasn't any delay or anything. It was raining when I reached my local area, no choice but to drag the luggages under the rain and walk back to my room. Other than that, so far so good.

Been back for a few days now and slowly settle down again and embrace the new semester. The other day went to the university to attend short briefing of what's coming up in this new semester. The result for previous sem was good, able to maintain the CGPA well.
Things are looking bright here to start of, which is always a good thing to have a head start.

Anyway, still haven't confirm when I'll be flying back next year hmm......

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