13 September 2011

Summer 2011 Part VI: Future and Friends

Meeting with friends is one of the top agenda during this summer break. Years may have passed and while many went off to study overseas or working elsewhere, there're still some friends left in the town.

While going through some old SMS from the faithful Nokia 5310, I realised that what makes me felt affirmative and confident last time is the fact that I was surrounded by lots of friends that I can count on.

Seems like I'm quite reliant to friends but I say, friends are great when you're trying to spoke things out,  release some stress from works or studies.

Although we've managed to meet up again, but the situation is a little different as I'm just back here temporarily. Wanted to join them for some road trips or hangout but somehow, something's stopping me from enjoying it to the fullest. Perhaps the mental constraint I put onto myself, like the thought of leaving all the goodness here and head back to Japan again very soon somehow occupies my mind especially when the flight's date is getting closer (20 Sept).
I've known to haunt myself via mind games and oh boy, it wasn't funny at all. It felt dreadful.

But as I'm progressing in life, it's necessary that I try to figure out how to get these ill feelings out of the mind not to interrupt me. For example, I might be reminding myself that eventually Japan will just be a temporary platform for me to discover new things and I'll be back here for good. I should cherish the last few years as currently I'm half-way to go, 2.5 years to be specific.

And as I mentioned, besides a few trustworthy friends close by, I don't really lack anything back in Japan. I enjoy my university, and love to explore new places in downtown Tokyo.

But worry not. I'm very sure that by the time I'm back in Japan, things will look bright over there, with things to look forward. Perhaps this is the time I shall spend to explore more places in Japan, thinking of visiting Tochigi and enjoy a good dip into the hot spring yeah.

Alright end of random thoughts here.... continue with my usual pictorial blog post~ :)

Now that the family only have one car, getting out to the downtown of KL can be a bit tricky but I don't mind as I love to travel with the LRT.

Mid Valley and The Gardens looks huge.

Steel crane + green barriers = development?

KL has been hazy lately. :(

Approaching Jelatek station.

Instead of traveling from here, thist time I've to travel to here heh.

The "ex-home ground"! Wangsa Maju station.

The new mall, Festival City is being built just beside Jalan Genting Klang.

Coffee + Chocholate at Bangi Kopitiam. It's price is cheaper compared to the competitors.

This time I head back there to attend the so-called primary school's gathering. It's been a norm that I organize it on annual basis until I went off to study. This time however, due to timing problem, the turnout was one of the lowest. Some of the gathering's regulars are abroad in UK so that makes the attendance lower than ever.
But anyhow, at least I've managed to meet with a few whom I've never met since finishing my primary school. Oh boy that was 10 years ago!

Then, on the other day I had the pleasure to visit International Medical University (IMU) where many of my friends are studying. I always wanted to have a look at this university as it's one of the closest university from my place.


There, I've met with a few friends from college's times. Unexpectedly bump into Ching Ying who's sitting very near the entrance, haven't met her since finishing college studies in end of 2008. Heard from her that some friend already graduated from IMU and waiting to continue further studies elsewhere soon. Oh well.


Then later I had Meichin gracefully brought me around to do some campus sight-seeing. Seems like IMU is a good place to study but of course, what they're studying here is serious and no room for error is allowed, thus the optimum study environment for the students.


The reason why I'm able to sneak into IMU is because this charity bazaar event.

Met another college friend at the bazaar, Meichin's bestie Ivy.

With both of them around endless laughter is ensured.

A random walk at Sunway Pyramid the other day. Hari Raya's deco is still up.

Ice hockey tournament going on at Sunway Pyramid's ice ring. It was very exciting!

Visited Jaben headphone shop near Sunway. Lots of choices and free headphone/earphone audition. Might consider getting earphones/headphones here next time if the price is cheaper over here.

OK so I guess that's all for the updates now. One week from now at this time I should be in the plane on the way back to Tokyo huhuh......


  1. hello cliff not sure if you remembered me from twitter, chee kin, the very yappy one? =)

    just wanna say the beginning of this post really hit myself cause it is exactly what i did everytime i come back home in kl. it KILLS to have the "constraint" idea getting stronger as the date gets closer. But I think you have nothing to worry cause you'll be back home for good in 2 more years like you said, so i think you should enjoy the most of what you have LEFT in japan! i am terribly JEALOUS looking at the post you had about your student life in japan!

    so take care and have EPIC fun back home, and japan as well!

  2. hey there! was surprise to see you leaving a comment here hah! deeply appreciate it!

    well yeah, I guess many like us studying abroad felt the same way too. but I'm sure this is just a temporary feeling, as soon as I get back there things will settle down fore sure. :)

    this blog mainly post happy moments in life so yeah, there're still some happy moments there in Japan heh.