24 October 2011

October short update

Why hello there folks, another busy month here but it's not unexpected. New semester commences on end of Sept so naturally, October will be a busy month, with calendar almost fully-marked.

Noticed that this 2nd year's autumn semester's lessons, a few of them seem to be slightly harder to understand than before. Just the beginning and perhaps if I add in a little more effort, should be able to catch up soon.

These few weeks had been extremely busy, especially when I received the news that I've made it through the first round of scholarship application, and was asked to prepared for the 2nd round interview.

Well, was glad being called for the interview. Met 2 more fellow Malaysians there and hopefully all of us can get the scholarship offer. I think I did pretty OK inside, although feeling nervous before stepping inside, but once I start talking, it all went well.
Results will be announced tomorrow morning on their website.

A few pics here before I end this short post....

School festival.

Autumn's tea.

Sony headphone, the legendary CD900ST.

Kawagoe Matsuri.

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