01 May 2011

Golden Week 2011

Greetings on the 1st of May, Happy Labor Day for fellow workers and may you all out there enjoy this great weekend!! ;)

"Golden Week" refers to the series of public holidays in Japan near the end of April and early May. Obviously it's purposely set as such so that most people will have almost a week's worth of holiday, a great time to relax a little after starting the new annual term for school/career in April.

Thursday morning's class, Digital Music. Playing around with Garage Band.

Holiday starts on Friday but Thursday's lessons are exhausting and yet interesting. To sort of commemorate the starting of holidays, asked a few fellow Malaysians in the university for a sushi meal.

The chef actually fillet the silver cod fish in front of us when I ordered it lol. Talk about freshness.

A piece or art, or animal cruelty, you name it.
A type of snapper (鯛). Tasted quite nice though. It's already dead btw.

So Friday, I had this spontaneous idea of hoping on the local train line and travel all the way to the last station, which is about an hour and half away from my station.

The train of Tobu Tojo line (東武東上線).

Inside the train.

The train track.

First time encounter barrier-less PASMO/Suica gate at the train station!

Welcome to the quiet town of Yorii (寄居町), a quiet township laying deep inside north-west Saitama prefecture.

Arakawa river (荒川), which will eventually flows to the Tokyo Bay. I'm inclined to this river because when I first settled down in Japan, the area I stayed was Arakawa district in Tokyo (東京都荒川区).

Arakawa with the roaring cloud.

Playing with effects with the cloud is quite fun!

Another peek of this quiet and peaceful town.

Meal of the day was summer-edition chilled noodle (冷やし中華) at one of my favourite ramen spot, 花月ラーメン.

During the weekend I went to Chiba to meet with some Malaysian friends there. A senior and fellow MSAJ member invited me to his place for a house-warming party. Given that I've a few friends in Chiba, so why not sneak there for a short stay?

The highly-addictive Jenga game, which the juniors mix their own cocktails with various liquids waiting for those who made the structure collapse.

Communal hot pot for dinner! Thanks to the seniors for making such delicious dishes!

I stayed there quite awhile chatting and playing with the guests there and pretty much fun as after all almost everyone are students here.
Eventually I left around 1am walking back to Calvin's place to stay for a night at his place.

Walking in the middle of the night while overhearing his conversation on the phone, can't help but noticing the similarity of the tone while speaking on the phone to the close ones, heh.

While on the way back to Saitama, stop by Ikebukuro to do a little book shopping and managed to get a glimpse of iPad 2, just released here few days ago.


Frankly speaking, no drastic change from the previous model, and although it's said that performances have been improved, can't really feel anything significant out of it yet. Besides the model doesn't have Garage Band demo so I'm a bit turned down.

Anyway a piece of advice for Malaysians in Japan, iPad 2 is actually cheaper in Malaysia than in Japan, after converting JPY to MYR. So if you're considering getting an iPad, do check the currency rate first! ;)

That's all for my current Golden Week goes. There're still some upcoming plans ahead, like a friend will be staying over my place and we're planning to have a day for sports and another day exploring Tsukiji and Ginza. And if there's still enough time, I might wanna proceed with my plan cycle to Saitama City and perhaps visiting Tokyo National Museum at Ueno.


P/S: Good luck for those who're fighting the final exams!


  1. The Jenga set is still kena quarantined at Lai's place lol!

  2. LOL hahah!!! dunno if they're still playing it today!