21 April 2011

3rd year, Japan

Need not I to mention that time passes fast, as April 2011 marks my 3rd Sakura season here in Japan. In other words, its' my 3rd year here.


For most people here April marks the new year cycle in the education and career fields. I commented that the Japanese is smart to choose such a beautiful timing to start a new semester albeit sacrificing time to enjoy the blossoming Sakura.

Sakura from pedestrian bridge near my room. ~ a little hope, a little confidence booster~

I never get bored traveling around to hunt for these pretty flowers that the season lasted about 2 weeks. The practise of having picnic under the blooming Sakura is called 花見 "Hanami" in Japan. But due to the recent disaster, people coming out for Hanami is significantly lesser compared to past years.

Hanami at Shingashi river.

As I mentioned in previous post, while the atmosphere may seems to be toned down, life goes on as usual here in Kanto (the region I'm residing currently which includes Tokyo).

At Kitain, Kawagoe.

As for me, the self-discovery and self-affirming journey will continue.... as along the course I'll be facing different kinds of people, experience different sorts of events, and from there I can learn a thing or two, not just for the knowledge but wisdom as well. Keeping myself on the right track at this moment will be my priority at the moment.


So far everything seems to be working on well, and trying to remind myself that a bit of challenges thrown in once in awhile is essential to make the whole journey an interesting one, as if we're playing a long role-playing game with enemies appearing out of nowhere suddenly. I take these challenges with grace.

It's also a good training on how to deal with things happening far away not within my grasp. At times it can be frustrating, and perhaps the answer may not come immediately, but I'm having faith in what I'm doing and do my best til the end, more or less something is achievable.

The fallen sakura warrior.

One trait I did learn from the Japanese is not giving up easily and do your best 'til the end. ("諦めずに最後まで頑張れ!") Yeah, the same theme that reoccurs again and again in many Japanese stories/games/movies but well, it seems that nowadays young lads would tend to give up easily huh?

While I can't really be sure, but somehow the statement may be true from what I observed from fellow university students. There're some who just turn up to the university without thinking
where they're heading to.

Words that I'm using to motivate myself from time to time.


Without hope one sees only darkness.
Without goal one wouldn't move forward.
That's why we must live life with hope and goal.
Shingashi riverside.

It's just a matter of time before my time will come, a time of self-realization and self-virtualization.

2 more years to go to finish off my university's life. By then there will be lots of decision-makings and I shall commit myself to it as the time comes. For now, I will continue to assume my role to absorb as much as I can and explore new reigns.

There are still things that I wanna achieve in life. A long journey ahead and I'm looking forward to it! :)

The Sakura family, at Yanasegawa.


  1. Awesome pictures, awesome motivating post!!! Enjoy Japan and Sakura!!!