10 April 2011

Spring in Japan

Hello folks, I've been back in Japan for a few days so far....

My journey back with AirAsia was quite decent, no complains and have to thank them for handling flight changes free of charge.

Kung Pou Chicken rice set. Actually it tasted quite nice but of course quantity is an issue.

The only problem of this trip is the luggage lock was damaged and I only realised it after I get out of the airport.

I left the airport around 1115pm.
Taking train back to my place in Saitama was a bit challenging due to luggages.
Anyhow, I reached my doorstep at 130am local time with my room barely changed from it's last stage when I left 2 months ago.


I can assure you that Tokyo is still as busy as usual as if nothing happened. Although not long ago planned electricity blackout was carried out, due to the Japanese conserving electricity TEPCO (Tokyo Electric Company) no more further blackouts are planned for the time being.

So far life in Japan is basically running as usual, albeit a little darker during the night and from time to time there're still aftershocks. During Thursday night while I was talking on Skype suddenly felt something's shaking outside and soon my room's shaking as well. First time experience such strong quake..... kinda scary it is heh.

Before the new semester starts I was greeted with a good news which is I'm eligible to enjoy full tuition fees discount for the whole year. At least all the hard works I put off last year were proven fruitful! A real motivation booster for me to keep on working harder in this university's 2nd year.


Looking at the subjects available is like passing a level in game with new levels unlocked to continue the pursuit. This time I have more subjects specific to my field which I'm highly anticipating it.

Well then, at the moment besides university's chores I'm also busy "hunting" for sakura as currently is the blooming season. Will try to make a full post of sakura after the season's over in few weeks' time. 'til then, a few flowers for your viewing pleasure.


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