04 April 2011

Thank You

I could never imagined what would have happened the day I stepped on this beloved land again 2 months ago.

I still can somehow remember the day vividly, stepping out from the airport greeted by parents, and get myself ferried back to home sweet home. Showered and had a delightful breakfast sis made for me and off to bed to rest after not sleeping well on the plane the other night. Woke up few hours later and it's lunch time. Again, another great feast made by the great cook sis. After meal it was normal computing session to update myself etc. Later that evening went to The Mines to had our dinner with some other relatives.

The hearty breakfast.

And then, the day goes on and on, with many exciting events happening in between. Thankfully, most of the events were happy ones. Notably would be Chinese New Year celebration, sister's wedding and having successful dates.

However, the disaster that struck Japan in 11 March does somehow cast doubts on future prospects continuing study in Japan. I'm again, thankful that when the disaster struck I'm not in Japan and the area I'm residing was reported to be safe from much of the disaster. Thanks for those who asked for my well-being, I'm really pampered back here in KL.

Of course, this isn't a slack off holiday after all. By observations and interactions, a lot of lessons of life one can learn. Having witnessed how my sis handled event details so carefully, one being writing thank you notes for those who've helped her preparing for the wedding event, and some of the attendees. Gratitude to the others for what they directly or indirectly contributed to our life, can goes a long way to secure a solid social network (nothing to do with Twitter or Facebook).

Hereby, I'd like to take this opportunity to thank those who've been doing great deeds to me and people around me.

First of all, of course the family.
Parents had been working very hard lately as many things were going on, but I can see that they're quite happy to see the family is finally reunited again as a whole, albeit a new member has been introduced.

Of course the next will be eldest sis Lynn and the brother-in-law Shaan! Am glad that I'm able to help out as much as I can here and there, tiny little bits. In return, am grateful for the iTunes store allowance too! :)

2nd sis Liesl, just a week she's been with us but funnily still managed to tease her like what we used to do. She still owe me a meal heh.

The rest, fellow relatives from many sides that also helped us for the big day wedding, and not to mention helped us to solve transportation problem by lending us car.

Then, some of my friends whom I managed to catch up with. Initially I thought of making a gathering again but timing isn't that right hmm.....

Thanks to the bunch of mates namely KY, Danny and Tuan Kee for the lift to Gerard's place. It's been years since I last saw him hah.

Thanks for Michelle and Emily for hanging out and exploring near Puchong and LUCT!

Of course, not forgetting Yun which make things even sweeter. ^^
Take #1

There's definitely a long list of people to be thankful for. As far as I can recalled, thank you all from the bottom of my heart. :)

Good thing is that at the moment I'm feeling rather calm, at ease.... I guess I don't have the time to "emo" as once I'm back in Japan, gonna settle my university's new semester and back in class on Thursday, pretty rush huh!

Now I'm actually thinking how am I going to spend the 7 hours flight huh.... Since it's a daytime flight it's unlikely that I can fall asleep soundly. I have iOS devices to play with but have to conserve the battery too. Books, luckily I've prepared 2 hopefully enough to kept me entertained.

I just hope that, tonight I'm able to sleep well hah. ^^

I think that's all for now, from Malaysia. Next post, likely will be written from Japan. 'til then people, take care and see you all again maybe this summer, or next year? :)

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