24 March 2011

I Don't Wanna Miss A Thing

Does the title sounds familiar? Quoted from Aerosmith's most popular track to date. Yes, this is what I'm thinking at the moment, don't wanna miss any single thing, any single moment in Malaysia.

Eventually the 2 month's break will come to an end soon and gonna get myself back to Japan for good. Even though the current situation may not be stable yet, but the university decided to get things go on according to the schedule, as I heard Saitama's side wasn't damaged or so, but the looming radiation contamination risk is something even scarier because you can't really sense it until you've succumbed to it.

Limited knowledge I have regarding radiation but one thing is sure, that the effect of it will remain for quite some time.  Currently it's the most gripping news happening around Japan after the tsunami and earthquake disasters, at least that's what I gathered from multiple medias.

AirAsia is nice enough to provide flight changes for free under such circumstances and I'm likely to delay my flight back to Tokyo by a few days. Tentatively 5th of April, but if the university's side suddenly came out with change of date again, will reconsider the date again. Given my university's reputation, I doubt they will change again though.

Well it's not that I'm not looking forward to go back to Japan, a few factors here and there does somehow influenced me to decide which date to fly back. Anyway, I'll try to keep April 3rd free from any events but one particular. Like what I told my junior, do not speculate anything until it's confirmed heh.

OK now let's switch the channel to a merrier mode shall we?

Few weeks ago on the 13th of March the family had a wedding reception for th eldest sister.


The long-awaited family picture! :D

It's been awhile since the family can gather together, to celebrate a joyful event~ Talk about this cousins around the 25+ age are getting married within these few years huh.... so I guess years to come more and more cousins or perhaps siblings will be tying the red knot heh. So I wonder, when will it be my turn? :P

Anyway, I really appreciate and glad that the family is reunited once again, as after all we siblings spend most of our times abroad instead of at home in KL. I think this is good enough to declare my trip back home as a successful one.

Talk about this, it'll be more memorable if I can somehow spice things up a bit here and there. Looking forward for 2 particular days ahead. If these 2 days were successful, I can go back to Japan with a big smile on my face, devote myself to the recovering Japan with confidence!

Then again, it's because I don't wanna miss a thing! ;)

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