01 March 2011

Pictureless Update in KL

Today wanna try a bit of tricks, try to write like how I did years back. Back then I used to blog almost daily without fail, until recently that this blog's role had slowly turn into a comprehensive, summary-like blog on things doing lately.

Well then, it's been 3 weeks back in Kuala Lumpur and I'm enjoying every single bits of it.
My agenda back here is eat, online, and sleep heh. Most friends would throw such comment like "rotting at home". Well yeah I've to admit it is, as after all I'm back for holiday!

Because of this, lately I also trying to monitor the weight without increasing too much. Tried to jog within the housing area but evening rain forced me to abandon the plan halfway. Perhaps tomorrow I shall continue again.

Talk about jogging, I actually don't jog frequently. I'd either burst into speed in short seconds or walk at a normal pace somehow. Although I'm kinda into sports but stamina isn't my strength. I do however, more interested in exploring places on long walks though. :)

2 more weeks to go to my sister's wedding reception in KL. It's gonna be busy and exciting at the same time. Naturally, I'll be playing a part and will be helping as much as I can. One of it would be co-driver fetching the in-laws to tour KL.

I'd love to meet more friends while I'm around, or perhaps visit some places around the country. So far plans have been made, so just a matter of time for execution. One of it might be a trip to Penang. :)

Oh yeah..... it's March already, which means my birthday is getting closer heh. Nothing much I wish for my birthday, just a peaceful life and things will go on smoothly for everyone. :)

I think that's it for now, a short post without pictures. Well hope things will work out well for everyone out there. Peace!

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