09 March 2011

Busy Weeks, for the good

Hello folks, I'm officially back in Malaysia for about a month now, and another month to go before holiday ends for me heh.

Well for this 2 weeks, I've been, and will be busy preparing my sister's big day, as well as the plans to bring the in-laws do some visiting around KL. As you can see, the in-laws are from elsewhere so it's time to shower them with some Malaysian hospitality eh? :D

Nowadays would be running errands around the town, glad that friends and relatives are very supportive helping us as well. I find this errands-running quite fun as I can see parts of KL which I've never seen before. There are still alot of places in KL which I've yet to explore.

Putting that aside, last Sunday was my birthday. Very simple celebration I had. This time, instead of usual birthday cake, I've requested it to be replaced with chicken rice hah!

Eventually father bought a half chicken from our favourite stall at Kelana Jaya.
What a feast for birthday celebration lol!


Besides that, thanks everyone leaving wishes on Facebook, it's overwhelming 'til I can't reply 'em all at the moment. Anyway, thanks alot again~ :)

Shaan bought a box of Godiva for me heh!

Alright that's all for now.... shall update again when I'm free again. Cheers people! :)

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