11 March 2011

Earthquake in Japan #PrayForJapan

It's shocking to learn that an earthquake measured more than 8.0 magnitude struck north-eastern Japan hours ago. Watching the video of how the tsunami struck one of the worst affected region is horrifying.

I'm very, very glad that at the moment I'm not in Japan, as I'm still in Malaysia enjoying my rather peaceful holiday. I couldn't imagine what will it be if I'm at Japan at the moment. Anyway I'm kinda worried how my room back in Saitama turn out to be..... Perhaps mess is what will "greet" me when I'm back there in April huh...

Although the earthquake struck north-eastern Japan, damage accounts are reported through out the Kanto region (Tokyo) too. According to news reports, all train services are halted until tomorrow morning, as currently the aftershocks still occur.

Japan is known as a country frequently bothered by earthquakes, but today's earthquake is considered severe even by the Japanese who're trained to face crisis like this.

So far more than 300 casualties have been reported, and the figures are likely to rise within these few days. Prayers goes to those who're affected. I'm kinda worried as I have some friends still in Japan at the moment, but judging from their Facebook updates they seems to be fine for now. It's amazing that while the phone lines are down, Internet is still available.

Well, is this enough to be classified as the 21st century Great Kanto Earthquake? Possibly....



  1. Hey i tought of you haha!! Glad ur ok
    greetings from el salvador

  2. hey mate thanks for concern, I'm OK here. :)