04 February 2011

Final Sushi

One of the thing I enjoyed the most while my stay in Japan would be SUSHI.
Yea yea.... no need to explain what's the WOW factor about raw seafood slap on top of vinegared rice....
Today's meal was probably the last sushi meal I had before heading back to Malaysia this Sunday.

Shop of the choice would be Choushimaru (銚子丸) located less than 500m from my place, heaven.
I'm very lucky that I can enjoy good sushi without traveling far away heh.

Last month's sushi set. They call it 劇団セット (troupe set).

Service in the restaurant is great, since I've almost become a regular there lol. Decided to get there earlier around 5pm to avoid the crowd.
Since I was the only one just now, I dare to ask for specific request on how my sushi is to be prepared.

3 ways to enhance the sushi-experience.

Exhibit #1. This is Madai (真鯛, red seabream snapper), one of the top class fishes in sushi ranking.
One is coated with "snapper soy sauce" (鯛醤油) and another one was left coated with nothing.
Verdict, the one with the special sauce tasted better than the one dip in normal soy sauce.

New discovery!

After the initial start off, I'm pretty convinced with the new eating style so next plate, I ordered my favourite Hotate (帆立, scallop)

Exhibit #2. I requested it to be torched and apply some salt seasoning (炙りと昆布塩).
Turns out that it's enjoyable even without soy sauce. Still juicy despite being grilled for awhile.

To make sure my stomach won't complain hours later the meal, ordered this month's set.

Exhibit #3 is something I kinda enjoy casually, though this is the first time I eat it in this way.
This is Salmon torched ala Saikyo style (サーモンの西京炙り).
Instead of being grilled with cheese, it's grilled with some creamy sauce resembles miso paste. I like the rich flavour of it overall.

Was very happy experimenting different eating combinations and eventually ordered Exhibit #4 and #5.

This is Engawa (えんがわ, chewy part of flatfish). Usually I'll had it Saikyo style but this time I requested one being dip with the "special sauce" mentioned above and another one with pinch of seasoning salt.
I'd say.... both are enjoyable with the different tastes accompanying the fish since itself is kinda bland.

Next one was Mongo Ika (紋甲イカ, squid).
Perhaps it's the characteristic of this particular species of squid, it's much rubbery to chew thus the "special sauce" may not work that well this time. However the salted one was good though.

I thought I'm done for it, so decided to order this pudding (pronounced as "purin" in Japan).
It's very normal to finish a meal with dessert, no?
Friends of mine may noticed I seldom take stuffs like his but occasionally I do.

Just when I wanna flag down the waitress for the bill, this Shimasoi (しまそい, Striped Bass) was being served. Haven't tried it before so decide to make it my last plate of the night.
Texture-wise, abit firm but it was chewy.

So there goes my last sushi meal in Japan. I might not miss it though, because back in Malaysia there'll be lots of delicious food waiting to be devoured!

'til then. それじゃ!

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