09 February 2011

Homecoming Feb 2011

Hello again, I'm back in Malaysia again yeah!! Thankfully came back with everything in one piece heh.


This time instead of flying from Narita airport, I flew from Haneda airport which is much closer to Tokyo. Briefly speaking, Haneda Airport (羽田空港) usually serve Japan's domestic flight and limited international flight (mostly to China, Korea or Taiwan). In order to ease off the busiest Narita airport's burden, they decided to build a new international flight terminal at Haneda airport.

The terminal has just opened since last October so it's very new.

One of the attractions of the airport is the ancient Japanese theme shoplets called Edo Koji (江戸小路). Mostly shops are selling souvenirs, as expected from an airport.

Open air observatory deck.

Web check-in is pretty convenient to skip the long check-in queue.

This was also my first time on board Air Asia X, is proud that Malaysia have 2 reliable world class airlines to ferry people around the world.
Glad that this time I'm not traveling alone. Travel mate of the day is Jian Shan, whom we studied at the same Japanese language school before heading to respective universities.

Pre-booked the in-flight meal. Teriyaki chicken rice. Not much comment but at least the chicken doesn't taste that bad.

Not enough with the small portion meal, ordered this Maggi cup noodle for RM 6 lol.
在几千米的上空吃杯面的感觉很幸福。 :P

My initial impression of Air Asia X is....
The airplane captain to cabin crews are great advertiser and promoter.
Besides, the staffs' service is many times better than Air China.

How can I describe this time's homecoming, rather calm as what my travel mate said. Not that rush, not that "high" compared to last year's journey.

So-called going back to celebrate CNY, but the most passionate first few days were over. Anyhow, it's still a good thing to catch up with family relatives and friends again. Always appreciate the chances to meet them again because I'm only back in town for a limited time.

Well then, allow me to spend some quality time with family and friends back here, for I'm not sure if I'll be back this summer though.

Happy Chinese New Year to all although it's slightly late now heh.

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