01 February 2011

The 2nd Semester

So here am I again, doing the bi-annual summary of university semester. As the title suggested, this is the 2nd semester (aka Autumn sem, 秋学期) for university's 1st year.

It's interesting to see how things had developed to this stage, as some of the subjects are tied up with those I took in Spring sem.

University's plaza.

Compared to the 1st sem, the 2nd sem isn't that packed and busy. It's kinda surprising that making 1 subject lesser can make the entire time-table so loose-up! All thanks to my effort completing maximum credits during 1st sem heh.

And to make things even better, many of the subjects I took in this sem doesn't have final exam so even though January is said to be the busiest month but I'm still kinda relaxed and even have time for my own plans too lol.

New semester means encounter with unfamiliar lecturers. Safe to say that this round I hold high regards to the lecturers. One who's expert in career planning; One who's into multimedia with vast knowledge in digital music; One who's been working in recording field for decades and he even worked with Kitaro before(!!).

Mac Mini + keyboard console in one of the classes.

At the same time, there're a few lecturers who'd taught me in the 1st sem. I only realised that one of the lecturer I hold highest regards is actually the dean of the faculty! His charisma is great enough to contain the entire class and focus on his lecture. He has my full respect. Period. And besides, there's no harm to gain trust from the dean of faculty eh? :)

Anyhow, as for the lecturer I condemned earlier, things seem to become worse in the 2nd sem. It's not just me but other classmates were frustrated with the lecturer as well. Basically I learn pretty much nothing for the entire year.
Japanese language is such an important subject to us (foreign students) and yet the university filled such personality for the job. Speechless. I bet there're a lot of better Japanese teachers out there that can teach way better than him.

You may catch a glimpse of my comments in this lecturer's evaluation paper sheet.
The longer I wrote, the worse it is lol.

OK end of my rants on the particular lecturer. I've got unofficial confirmation that we'll be having a new lecturer in the new semester. Pray that the words are true.

Overall, I had an enjoyable semester to be honest. Just hope that the results are good enough to further aiding myself financially by some means. Am aiming for the Top 3 in the faculty. :P

Putting university's campus life aside, I'm much more happier compared to Spring lol. I guess moving out from the hostel was a good decision.
Although the current room rent is pretty cheap, it does come with a cost, that is cheap material used build the so-called "apartment". I dare to say that not a single brick is used at all lol, just plywoods.
I had some issues with the Korean guy living above me but thankfully it's all good for now. Can't stand the noise especially during late nights arghh....

Headphones used in one of the lessons.

May seems to be immature to complaining things like this, well I do it just for the sake of records. You know, tits and bits of life that you can look back years later and replay the memories of the time.

Will be back in KL in less than a week's time. Funnily not as excited as previously, perhaps it's just been 5 months since I last went back. Anyway to be able to go back celebrate CNY again is definitely a great experience eh. :)

This time will be staying back there for almost 2 months (maximise my holiday!). But then, I'm doubtful that I might be returning during summer's break. Hmm....

To end the post, need not to introduce the food that I love here.

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