17 January 2011

Mid January 2011

Lately time seems to pass pretty fast eh, just less than a month to go and I'll be back in KL....
But funnily this time I don't feel like going back just yet lol, homesick hasn't struck lol. Maybe is because the interval since previous homecoming was just a mere 5 months.

I guess when one's busy, the time will seems to move faster while the pace is actually fixed all around eh. Then again, "Theory of Relativity" kicks in.

January.... could say busiest month of all, but for some reason this Autumn semester doesn't seems to be as busy as July, during the Spring semester. I guess there must be the combination of classes and subjects I took for this term, slightly more relaxing yeah....

Lesser final exams and in return, a few more reports and assignments.... but I don't really mind it since we're given ample time to finish it off.

Now that we've roughly know the exam time-table, good thing is that last exam, which is programming falls on the last day of January, which means from Feb onwards it'll be HOLIDAY!!! :D

My flight is scheduled on the night of 6th Feb, reaching KL the next morning. This time will be staying a little longer than previous summer holiday, close to 2 months!! Well at least I can "enjoy" the hot air of Malaysia while Japan's still kinda cold. *sneezes*

A few pics to fill up the spaces.....

Wasn't feeling well few weeks ago, coughing quite badly so putting on the mask. It has been more than a year since I last put on mask again here in Japan lol. Thankfully I'm almost OK now!

Went to the Embassy of Malaysia in Tokyo for the first time.... Reason is to attend MSAJ's annual general meeting.

Malaysian-style bento! The ayam masak merah is spicy enough!

OK so here's something a little bit extreme.
The other day went to have sushi with my friend, and decided to order this rather exotic item on the menu, the Shirako.
Shirako (白子) is actually cod fish's sperm, considered a delicacy in Japanese cuisine.


Video of me eating it.... and the verdict lol.

Well, it taste like mayonnaise and although tasted nothing foul, it's unlikely for me to order it again next time lol.

So yeah..... that's all for now. Programming class later!! ;)

P/S: this is post #2000 on this blog!!


  1. akemashite omedetou!
    wow that was quite an experience.. would not dare to eat that stuff.
    what programming class are you currently taking if you don't mind me asking?
    with all the things you've accomplished and been to, you deserve that long break after all.
    best of luck!

  2. こっちらこそ明けましておめでとうございます!
    Shirako is still OK compared to uni hah...
    just C language, very basic one.

    thanks and all the best in this new year too!! :)