18 September 2010

Malaysia Snippets

Tonight's the last night I'm in Malaysia. It's kinda late now but feeling like writing something before I head to bed, for the last time in this year I suppose.

Below are some of my random thoughts I jotted down in my iPod in case I've forgotten it....
  • First of all, many thanks to Patrick aka Pure Faith for lending me the mobile broadband which enable me to online for the month as my house haven't got a telephone line yet at the moment. Good thing Maxis' reception is quite good at my place.
  • Nasi lemak, one of the national dish does carry the 1Malaysia spirit. Besides the usual Malay style, Chinese version may include (non-Halal) pork rendang or a few pieces of papadam in Indian's version.
  • Although I've ate lots of great food back here, but I'm still maintaining at 65kg hahah! Seems like I'm fixed with this weight for years already.
  • Weather in Malaysia haven't change at all, either sunny or rainy and in between, cloudy/gloomy.
  • Few days ago when I'm on my way back, spotted a full-arc rainbow. It's been awhile since I last saw a rainbow and I take it as a good omen for the future. :)

  • From my place, it takes about 30 mins to get to most places, eg: Klang, KLCC, Wangsa Maju etc., provided there's no traffic jam.
  • Somehow I felt that Malaysia's temples won't lose it's prestige to it's Japanese counterparts. And yes I'm fully aware that although both are of different faiths but there're similarities in the architecture style.
  • Lately gossips and discoveries I've came across on Facebook of friends. Kinda surprised and excited to see developments and updates among friends, albeit some came with the element of surprise. There are times when I went "LOL!!!" or "OMG!!!" when making those discoveries, hah.
So far this trip back in Malaysia has been a great one, way better than I expected. Althugh there are some regrets, things that I unable to achieve this round....
  • Thought of having at least a game of football with my gang of friends but due to transportation and timing factor, couldn't make it for this time.
  • Was thinking to visit some of my friends' university campuses closeby like LUCT or IMU. But then again, similar excuses as above couldn't make it happen.
  • Although I've met lots of friends back here, but still couldn't sort out some time with college friends. Sorry mates, would love to meet you all again sometime!! ><
Alright I think that's all for tonight.... Will update all the photos to my Flickr properly once I'm back to the place with faster Internet connection. 
Thanks again to everyone, family and friends who've been with me all this while during this one month break back here!! :)

Thanks to all, confidence, ambitions and loves I've filled myself with, to face the challenging and different world again in Japan soon.
'til then, I'll be back again next February! Cheers! :D


  1. OMG!!!!
    it's been a month already!!!!
    safe journey back to Japan....
    and all the best....

  2. yalor.... so fast a month.
    anyway thanks again and again hahah.

  3. I have been to Malaysia twice in the middle of summer last year.there were good beaches.i enjoyed a lot.i had good unforgettable memories.thanks for giving chance to post a comment through this blog.