10 September 2010

Back in Malaysia (Part III)

#5 Back to Wangsa Maju

Went back to TARC briefly to check out the new blocks and meeting with Mr Low again.
TARC has changed quite a lot in terms of the aesthetics, which I think the decorative change is appropriate for the sake of improving the college's image.

Mini gathering with some secondary school friends. Due to some mis-communications a bigger-planned gathering was reduced to just few people. Oh yea, my farewell party was held here too last time. P/S: Jiun gonna kill me for this pic lol.

My Touch 'N' Go card was expired for not using it over a year. Got the replacement done at KL Sentral there with a cost of RM 10. Here's a comparison with the Japanese counterpart PASMO card which both serve similar functions respectively.

#6 Pulau Ketam day trip

Tagged along parents went to Pulau Ketam for another festival~

First time see so many bicycles piling up in Malaysia!

Stir fry clam 啦啦煎 was great!

Pics of Pulau Ketam, a different experience exploring these places.

#7 My room cabinet

Well, I've sort of tidy up some of my stuffs and put it up nicely on the 4X3 cabinet rack.

Featuring my Gundam models (Legend Gundam & GOUF Ignited) VS Lego Bionicle units.

Some books I used to read, or haven't read at all. Just realised I actually have lots of Chinese books bought by my sister.

One of the precious corner, school memories with school magazines and class photos.

The incomplete CD albums slot. If I would brought back all my CDs I think I'm gonna occupy 2 slots.

OK..... so tomorrow will be having a small party at my house inviting some close friends. :D
But on the other hand, I'm going back to Japan in a week's time, which is something I'm not anticipating well.  :(

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