19 September 2010

Reached Japan

Hello readers, just to declare that I've safely reached Japan and back to my hostel here~

Just like last time I took a late night flight, but then again it was delayed. :(
Supposingly the plane should take off at 2340 but ended up 0130, almost 2 hours of delay.

As I mentioned I took Air China back this time, and I really hope that this will be the last time I'll take Air China's flight.... Cramped seats and below-average service by the attendants. During the 6 hours flight, I couldn't really sleep well. :(

The above observations are made based on KL-Beijing flight (transit at Beijing) but surprisingly, the flight from Beijing to Tokyo was a much better experience with bigger plane and slightly better service. Too bad it's just a mere 3.5 hours flight so couldn't really do much before touching down Narita airport.

The only good point about Air China would be the pricing which persuaded me to chose it at the first place. Am looking forward for Air Asia flying to Haneda soon!! *winks*

Keisei Narita Sky Access, took this back to Nippori. Wasn't that crowded though which is good.

Seems like Tokyo Sky Tree had grown up quite a bit after didn't saw it for one or two months.

Railroad tracks, familiar sight in urban Tokyo.

Just now I twitted:
"24 hours ago I was eating chicken rice; 24 hours later I'm eating Matsuya's pork rice.

It's sort of surreal that 24 hours ago I was still in my home chomping the chicken bits, and now I'm stirring the egg into the pork rice.... Taste-wise I'd still prefer the steamed chicken. :(

Some motivational quotes which I really like coz it's like talking about me.

So what's next here in Japan?

Tuesday will be going back to university for orientation, well it's guidance actually for the 2nd sem. Gonna go through all the subjects-selection again huh.... At the same day going to collect our 1st sem's results too.
Then, class will commerce as usual on Thursday.

Dunno what else should I say here.... then again I came back to Japan with a heavy heart, but I think it doesn't feel as bad as last time huh.... It's the time I learn how to cope with it, the ill-feeling that I wanna get rid of for some time already.

Lastly, another message posted up on Facebook:

"In Malaysia, most friends will be restarting their semesters after Raya break. Wish you ladies and guys all the best in the new sem!!

In Japan, most will also starting new semester in this coming week or next week. 皆さん、頑張りましょうね!!"

There goes this update. Further summer break in Malaysia post will be done in the meantime. Ciao people.

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Reached Japan


  1. love the motivational quotes too!

  2. maaaan, needed the quotes just at the right timing. :) Will miss you and and GET YOUR ASS BACK FOR CNY. TENJEWBERRYMUDS. :D :D

  3. Xuan: indeed I've actually booked ticket for next year CNY, but won't be able to make it on the 1st day.