11 August 2010

Summer Holiday Part I [Japan]

Greeting folks, heh. Currently having my time enjoying the summer holiday. Ah.... really deserve this free time to do things that I love, things that will make me happy! :D

Besides going down to Tokyo to meet friends, I'd just stay inside the room to play Ragnarok Online lol.... addictive game and love it since I started it in 2003 hahah!

After finishing my exams at the end of July, straight away headed down to Tokyo on that weekend to meet with some friends and stayed a few nights at a friend's place. Well, my previous hostel to be exact.

Cycle all the way to Ueno Park from Machiya, where I stayed last year.
Took us 30 mins to reach there, so it's not that far away.

A little luxurious I had to reward myself after the exam. Raw oyster and tuna's fatty belly!

Bought this Germany 2008 away jersey for 2.1k yen from a shop that'll be closing down soon in Ueno. Love this colour combo of red, black and gold!
bought this Germany away jersey today. my fav colour! :D

Proud lady of England spotted in Ginza. It's from Rolls Royce Phantom III if not mistaken.

Sony Building in Ginza is a must-go spot. One can check out all the latest technology and try it out for FREE!! That's why I usually make my pilgrim here.

Currently they're showing Okinawa Churami Aquarium in 3D. Months ago Hokkaido's Asahiyama Zoo was being featured.

Busy weekend in Ginza.

An Italian bull spotted on the street. Definitely not the 黒毛和牛 that the Japanese love to eat hah.

Sony Building at night.

Watched Toy Story 3!
Toy Story 3!

Can't help to get this Toy Story 3 bottle too lol....

Matsuri near Machiya. Was a small one though.

During last weekend some close friends came back to Tokyo from respective places, Shizuoka, Kanagawa and Tochigi! Was very happy to meet with them again!

Having a stroll at Omotesando during noon. Had tsukemen for lunch with Cong Jie and Zen.

Nomikai at izakaya. I only remember to take pic when we're almost finishing.... (-__-")

Pei Ki, Caphy, Leang; Tokyo, Shizuoka, Kanagawa.

Jian Shan & Cong Jie; Chiba, Tochigi, Saitama (me).

Everyone crashed at Pei Ki's place after the plan staying the entire night at the izakaya failed. Spent the entire night chit-chatting with them 'til the next morning.

Mega McMuffin for breakfast at 6am. Love McD's breakfast more than their usual menus!
Good morning! having breakfast at McD! didnt sleep last night though.

It was an unusual weekend as I've stay awake for 24 hours lol. Surprisingly I wasn't feeling that exhausted hah!

Now, below are some of the stuffs that I'll be bringing back for friends. Most of these items are bought upon friends' request.

Starbucks tumbler 2010 Japan Summer Hanabi for Jason. Definitely looks better than the current Tokyo one.

Fujifilm's Hello Kitty Instax Mini 25 instant camera requested by Michelle Siew Hui.

MG 1/100 RX-0 Unicorn Gundam requested by Kok Yi.

Chocolate candies as souvenirs for friends and relatives. Just realised all these are made by Meiji.

Getting Gundam models can be tricky as it weights and takes up a lot of space in the luggage. Maximum would be bringing 2 back for this time, and I had my order filled up already. Just hope I can distribute the weight well in the luggages.

Anyway, my summer holiday part II will take place in Malaysia. Next week, I'll be back in Kuala Lumpur yeah!!! :D
But for now haven't really plan anything back there yet, because gonna adapt to the new life in the new environment. Will definitely miss the convenience of Wangsa Maju!! :(

'til then people, hope you guys have a great summer holiday as well!! Good night then. :)

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