05 August 2010

Malaysian Students Summer Gathering

Few weeks ago in the mid of July I was involved in a students gathering organised by Malaysian Students Association in Japan (MSAJ).
One of the aims of this gathering is to bridge the gap between scholarship students and privately-funded students here in Japan. Well being alone in the other country, it's better to get to know a few more fellow countrymen eh?

My role was simple, ask the private students I have contact with to attend the gathering. I'm supportive to the idea of introducing fellow Malaysian students to each other because I want fellow private students to break the stereotype mentality of racial attitude happening back in Malaysia.
Here in Japan, we Malaysians united as ONE instead of divided by our racial identities.

The actual date was 18th July, a Sunday with the following Monday a public holiday in Japan (Marine Day). First, I met with fellow mates in Shibuya at the landmark Hachiko dog statue.


Wasn't really a good idea because there are many people waiting for people near there as well.

A glimpse of Shibuya, one of the most crowded places in Tokyo. Tourists coming to Tokyo should make a visit here to experience it for themselves.

Our destination is the Malaysian Embassy Staff's Apartment somewhere in Meguro so we took a train from Shibuya. A minor incident happened on the way which caused delay.
When we've reached the station we supposed to get off, some of us (including me) were trapped in the train as the door shuts too fast. Unlike the Tokyo Metro trains, the train's door shut tightly and we had no choice but to switch train at the next station.
But we've made a mistake by taken the express train which transfer us all the way back to Shibuya. Luckily the next turn we took the correct train and met up with those who've gotten down earlier.

Luckily among us there's someone holding an iPhone so we didn't get lost to locate the location. It was about 15 mins walk to reach our destination.


Some of the friends just couldn't resist to take pic with it heh.

The building was officiated by Tun Siti Hasmah (Tun Mahathir's wife) about 20 years ago.

There, we've met with quite a lot of other students from various backgrounds. Some from university, some from kosen (college of technology) as well as Japanese language school students.

A simple introduction among fellow students and then we're asked to brainstorm some ideas before presenting to everybody.


During the tea break we had the change to mingle around with everyone. Was glad to get to know a few more new friends there, some interesting people there.

The gathering ended in typical Malaysian style, having dinner together! Heard of MalayChan restaurant in Ikebukuro but haven't been there before. Good feedback from my friend prompt me to give it a try.

So, a group of around 25 people parade down the streets of Meguro to get to a nearby train station to get to Ikebukuro. We ended up taking JR Yamanote line go instead of the closer metro subway as we can save up to 50% by doing so. One of the tip traveling in Tokyo is to compare the fare before getting on the train to save a little money if possible.

Exit through the west gate of Ikebukuro.

Getting to the restaurant there can be tricky but thankfully we've someone in the group who've came before so finding it wasn't that hard.

20 seats at the 2nd floor were reserved for us!

Quickly fill up the seats!

Keropok as appetizer, mmm.....

Group pic with some friends before the main dish is served.

OK here comes the food....

Satay for each person. Was a welcoming dish from the usual Japanese yakitori.
This is the Malaysian style yakitori hahah!

Stir-fry kangkung with belacan aka 马来风光 is one of my favourite vege dish in Malaysia.
Although it looks simple but it's not easy to get it right. The dish was great nevertheless. :)

Chicken curry is next. The spotlight of the night! Every single drop of the curry tasted as great as the one back in Malaysia! I can gobble up bowls of rice just with this single dish!

The final dish however, was nothing to shout about. Some Japanese vege and bean sprout cooked in a non-Malaysian manner.

The meal cost 1800 yen per person including a few rounds of extra rice and free flow beverage. Due to our number we had to order set course which the menu is decided before hand. Else, it'll be a havoc handling orders from 20+ customers at once.
Wasn't that economic but at least, it's a cheaper alternative to Rasa Malaysia in Ginza and everyone seems to enjoyed the meal.

Any Malaysians in Tokyo having the urge to eat Malaysian cuisine, feel free to contact MalayChan.
Website: http://www.malaychan.jp.
Telephone: 03-5391-7683.
Address: 東京都豊島区西池袋3-22-6

I heard there're still a few more Malaysian restaurants out there in Tokyo, namely Malay Kampung at Hatchobori, Mahathir at Shin-Okubo (is it still surviving?). Well I'm looking forward to try it out if I got the chance in the future. :)

Anyway while writing this is what I've tweeted hah.

To conclude it, a great gathering it was. :)
Looking forward for the next one where we can meet with more folks! :D


  1. LOL... Looked at the menus, extremely expensive if compared to malaysia... haha. Satay 4 stick = RM 21?! LOL 21 times expensive?

  2. hah of course you can't compare it to M'sia's standard.... definitely many times more expensive than there. ~____~

  3. The one and only picture of my in this entry - me taking food pictures =.=
    It could further emphasis that I am a blogging freak lol!

    P/S: That's green mustard (sawi) or 小松菜 fried with bean sprouts in that last dish.

  4. hahaha thanks for the tip up for the last dish lol.
    M'sian bloggers, food bloggers hahah!