13 August 2010

Last few days in Japan & Tokyo Tower

Although I'll be leaving Japan on Monday morning, but writing this post now because tomorrow will be leaving Saitama, down to Tokyo to my friend's place (previous hostel to be exact). Will settle down there for few days before departing on early Monday morning (16 Aug).

This time I'll be taking Air China back to Malaysia because it's the cheapest compared to other airlines. Booked my ticket at the end of May, cost RM 2667. A bit steep but I'll be going back for a month or so.

The flight will depart from Narita airport at 9am in the morning, so I'll be taking the earliest Skyliner to the airport from Nippori station (日暮里). This time I'll be able to take the new Skyliner train yeah~

Since it's Air China so I'll have to transit at Beijing. If not mistaken the transit hours is about 4 hours+. By the time I reach KL, it'll be around 11pm++ already. So says, I'll be spending the entire day traveling.

Anyway, let's back to Tokyo, Japan.

The reason why I wanna get down to Tokyo tomorrow is because wanna catch the fireworks near Odaiba (東京湾大華火祭). First time attending such event that defines the summer in Japan. Would want to create a great memory of Tokyo before heading back to Kuala Lumpur heh.

Speaking about memory, yesterday had a great time with a few fellow Malaysian friends whom I met in MSAJ events. We went to Tokyo Tower and unexpectedly visited Keio University's Mita campus (慶応義塾大学三田キャンパス) which is just nearby.
As usual to my blogging style, some pics to share. :)

Tokyo Tower sighted.

Thai food we had near the back alley from the main street. Was surprised by the interior, very nice done. The food was OK, though can be abit more spicier. :P

It's hard to imagine this is a university campus....

For those who're not familiar with it, Keio University is one of the top private universities in Japan. Saying this, it's not easy to get into it and of course, your bank vault has to be filled with platinums too.

European-flavoured architecture. Can easily trick someone telling them this was taken in Europe lol.

Great spot to relax~

The old library. Magnificent architecture.

A historical landmark worth to take pic with, heh.

Visited a temple near Tokyo Tower. Weather wasn't that good so have to cancel the plan walk to Hamamatsucho (浜松町).

Inside one of the exhibition in Tokyo Tower. Lame "3D" short film it was but anyway, here's me with Suba and Chye Sin.

The Tokyo Kosen gang: Suba, Chye Sin & TJ.

OK from now onwards, prepare to enjoy some of the best pics of the day!
Here comes the scenery pictures taken above Tokyo Tower!

The famous "artery" spot, Akabane-bashi (赤羽橋). Forms the letter "大".

Odaiba's (お台場) direction. You can see the Rainbow Bridge here.

Towards Roppongi's (六本木) direction. You can spot Roppongi Hills and Tokyo Midtown in this pic. Should've taken one last shot before went down. :(

Definitely worth another visit, probably on a better weather day, where I can spend from afternoon til the night. Day, sunset and night shots!

Tokyo Tower, day VS night.

It was a fun day at the end. Another successful outing in Tokyo with great companies!! :D

Well then I should stop the post now hahah. Come and think of it, perhaps I can do the KL Tower version? Given that KL Tower is higher than Tokyo Tower, I'm sure good shots can be taken on good weather condition.

P/S: In KL I'll be using this number: +6016 658 1205. The 017 number I used to have is no longer available. Though I still prefer Maxis to Digi. :(

P/SS: Read my previous visit to Tokyo Tower last December!


  1. OMG, DAMN. they all look so awesomely preeeettyyy!! :DDDD

  2. similar pics can be taken from KL Tower too. :)