28 August 2010

New Home: the Present and Future

We moved into this new house on 17th June. Bidding farewell to the old lair in Wangsa Maju where we've been staying there for 20 years.
It's definitely new experience here, because it's totally new environment where we're not familiar with the surrounding areas. Luckily, Puchong seems to be an interesting place to be with lots of things happening around. Worry about good food we don't need to, too.

To put it simply, the new house is way larger than the previous ones. OK so now pictures time....

View outside from my room. If you've noticed the angle, it's taken from a higher ground.

So this is my room on the 3rd floor. It's the spaciest of all but in return it's on the highest floor.

Just outside my room there's this chamber of trophies collected by my father and the siblings. The bookshelves are still waiting to be filled up.

Spiral stairs leading downwards, where the piano lies.

Coziest part of the entire house, the living room!


The bookshelf towers where part of my father's books are housed. Was taken from the old house, amazingly it fits into the new house well!

The new home is surprisingly cooler especially at the downstairs as behind the house there's a forest reserve. Natural air to ventilate the house is great and most importantly it's FREE! :D
However the same story doesn't apply on my room though, an oven it is.

Some of my personal belongings from the past.

My first MP3 player, 128MB memory bought it at Carrefour for ~RM 100. Was consider a good deal that time back in 2004.

My first Porsche!

I wonder who's this cute kiddo? Hmm....

Not something old but a gift from my sis! Only managed to get it this time when I'm back here. Very useful it is!

OK I guess that's all for now. Currently online from Maxis broadband (thanks again to Patrick!) , uploading pics can be a time-consuming process thanks to the lesser than 10 KB/s upload rate....


  1. that view which u can see all the trophies. can be modified into a useful space instead of a wasted space that u cant step on, hahaha! my idea is VERY good i must say! U wanna buy my idea? LOL!

  2. parents thought of it but for the sake of ventilation they let it be as it.
    the trophy part was actually modified based on this idea though.