24 August 2010

The Journey from Tokyo to Beijing to Kuala Lumpur

I've been back in Malaysia for a week already, although most of the time confined at my new place in Bandar Kinrara, Puchong here, but I've been to quite some places of late.

But anyhow this post is to write about my long journey on the 16th August from Tokyo back to KL, with transit at Beijing.

I stayed at my friend's place the night before going back, and wake up at 530am in the morning. Took the Keisei train to Nippori station and reached there rather early at 615am. The Skyliner train is scheduled at 635am.

2400 yen to buy the time I needed to rush through the airport. I'd prefer they make the train ticket design more attractive though.

Waiting at Car door no.1 platform.

The new Skyliner.

The journey to Narita airport seems to be shorter than me getting down from Saitama to Tokyo lol. Noticed that the new Skyliner passed through a few train stations that doesn't look like Keisei's. Nevertheless since it's a new train it's very comfortable.

Reached the airport around 720am, and straight away head towards the check-in counter as it's the most time-consuming part of boarding a plane. Luckily it wasn't that crowded when I get there and had no problem checking in. It was breeze all the way to the arrival gate.

Camwhore inside the plane, heh.

In-flight breakfast. Was decent and nothing to shout about.

This book, "The Story of Sushi" kept me occupied for hours in the plane. Interesting facts about sushi presented handsomely in English easier for me to digest! My sushi bible it is lol.

Reached Beijing airport around noon (Beijing time). First impression is that there's a big gap in the quality of service compared to Tokyo's. Well it can't be helped.... it's China after all.


Modern-looking public phone.

South-East Asian themed cafe at the airport.

Selling Chinese tea~

Excerpt of the Sushi book mentioned above. Telling stories of sushi in fiction-style.

The flight from Beijing to KL was delayed for an hour or so, which means it'll be around midnight when I reached KLIA. Anyway, spent the time waiting at the arrival gate chatting with fellow Malaysians who're on the way back to KL too after travelling in China. Met this student who's studying medical in Russia, interesting conversation between students life in Russia and Japan hah.

The in-flight dinner. It was better than the earlier one.

This should be the 2nd time I'm taking Air China, with my first experience dated back Dec 2004 lol.... Service quality-wise it's a far car from MAS or so, but given the price of the ticket compromisation is a must I guess. Still, to get me back to Malaysia in one-piece, I'm glad enough for that.

Reached KLIA around 12am. Swiftly move through the auto-immigration and collect my luggages. Was glad that both came out in one-piece and no luggage-missing case yeah!
It was an hour later around 1am when I finally get into the arrival hall with my parents waiting me there.

Then, it's about 45 mins drive to reach my new home at Bandar Kinrara, Puchong. Settled down abit and finally laid to rest around 3am++ in the morning.

Another great adventure I had, kinda exhaustive but the outcome is priceless. Coming back to Malaysia, sort of energised than my usual self back in Japan.

Still got few weeks to go and I'm gonna make full use of it here! ;)

On the next post, I might put up some pics of my new home.


  1. simply like it..its about going back home, after all! =D

  2. yalor yalor!! feels great to be at home!! :D

  3. Nice entry, a good read.
    Couldn't help noticing lot of people/'tourist' snapping pics of the Skyliner. Typical, eh.

  4. lol can't be helped, it's the new one and besides I think it looks better than JR's NEX.

  5. come back already o? for holiday? or?