31 August 2010

The Past: 20 years old Home

Today let's walk down the memory lane, to somewhere where I've spent most of my entire life, so far.

Last week went back to Wangsa Maju area again to check things out. It's kinda awkward feeling that going back to somewhere you're very familiar with except that now you're no longer the owner and no need to take of shoes to get in lol.


A little history lesson here... the family moved into this Wangsa Melawati house in year 1991 (was 2 years old that time) from an earlier flat unit in Sri Rampai. Been living there for close to 20 years until we moved to current Bandar Kinrara house few months ago.


The car park.

The wall I used to practise my football hah.

Mom's plants. Many of the plants had been moved to the new house except the few big ones.

The living room. 人去楼空.

Dining area.

Lonely microwave oven which we decided not to bring to the new house. Been serving us well for the past years, especially helping me to make simple egg or salmon dish hah.

The study room. These shelves were filled with my father's books and journals.

This corner is where my computers used to placed at. It was my first ever workstation hah.

Let's go upstairs. It's easy to know which is my room, this dinosaur exhibition's poster has been there for many years until I've lost count.

My room. Just realised how tiny it is and amazed that I used to slept here everyday!

Used to like stickers when I was a kid so will stick any stickers I can find here haha.

The mirror, also "vandalised" with Pokemon's stickers too.

One of my favourite view just outside the room's window, the colourful playground which blends in well with the greens. I also used to play badminton and football with my mates here too.

Parents' master bedroom.

Slightly clean up before leaving the old den.

There is a new discovery this time. Apparently somebody finally bought this corner unit and renovated it to become like this. Unfortunately this kind of renovating style is not suitable for the area though.

Will definitely miss this place for good eh.... Not just the familiarity but the convenience of buying things, going somewhere and the overall atmosphere of it.....
But it's not that bad actually, coz we started off with a small one and slowly "upgrade" to a larger and more comfortable house.

Life goes on and I believe in my entire lifetime I'll have to face a few more moving out experiences too.
Settling down at a new place, I've made peace with my past. :)

Thanks for accommodating us over the years, for the first place I call it as my HOME!

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  1. I saw *ehem* Hello Kitty's *ehem* sticker too...