29 May 2010

Yamanote Line Song

Bump into this interesting video on Facebook...
For those who had been to Tokyo before, the Yamanote Line (山手線) would be a familiar name, as it's the busiest train loop in Tokyo.

Here's a song that will makes memorising the station names much easier and fun!


The few stations I'm familiar with are Nishi-Nippori (西日暮里), Komagome (駒込) and Sugamo (巣鴨) as I used to commute to those places when I'm still attending the Japanese language school last year.
Other favourite stations would be Ueno (上野) and Yurakucho (有楽町).

The Yamanote Line is definitely be one of my favourite discoveries of Japan so far. :)


  1. LOL... Don't think I can remember it through this song. ^^