30 May 2010

End of May Update

Hah this blog post is not really about what I've done in May, but rather things that I've been through these few days.

Great weather it seems, but don't let the sky fools you as the weather can still drop below 20'C nowadays.

These few days been going through the notes for the upcoming mid-term exams. This is my first time so would be a little nervous preparing for it, eventhough most of it are open-book tests (持ち込み可).

Information theories.... dealing with logarithms and indices.

Communication Psychology, which is quite fun to study as one can relate the facts with daily examples.

Music Therapy. A really interesting topic that I can somehow relate to myself, as listening to music is one of the methods to heal myself mentally.

Chinese History. Kinda funny that I learn it through a Japanese tutor lol. Anyway she can speak proper Beijing-slang Chinese Mandarin as she'd studied there before.

Been spending almost the entire weekend in the room going through the notes. Don't really like cocooning myself in the room for the weekend so decided to head out for abit of cycling not far away.

One thing I like to do is to check out the houses around.
Western townhouse.

This one looks like a vacation house.

Looking at the different house designs prompt me into a thought that I had forgotten for quite some time, that is the future.

Somehow, deep within me lies a thought that I wish to live together with family in a surrounding which I cannot express with words, nor speaking it out as currently it's just a sensation that exist in my mind and imagination.

It's like achieving something, that brings sense of absolute satisfaction in life... the best sensation ever to live up the dream.

Well everyone had their own dreams eh, it may seems to be far far away, but having a strong will and work hard enough, it can be realised. Many people had proven this in history of mankind. :)

Reflection on the paddy field(?).

Achieving life stability has been a crucial part in my life and so far am still trying to balance things here. Anyway, it's just temporary and I do believe that things will be getting better as time passes : quality of life is proportional to the time.

It's not that I'm still sulking now, but to remind myself to get along with it and keep on moving forward. The recent negativity had been scarily manifest itself within my mind bugging me for awhile but now I had pump in a few doses of positive affirmations, hopefully that'll keep me moving on for months before heading back to KL to recharge again~

Houses here in Saitama aren't as packed and cramped like those in Tokyo.

What I'm experiencing now, will make me a better person tomorrow, the future. As they said, to be successful one must go through hardships. I'm gonna conquer myself, to be the winner in life.
And I'm quite certain that I'll be a great person someday in the future! ;)

A 3-story house, quite spacious it look.

And therefore, I've set myself a few targets to achieve in this year, which I've spoken in earlier post. I think it's good to set short-term and long-term goals for oneself to keep on moving, looking forward to achieve it.

I think the landscaping is good but if it's in Malaysia it can be made wider perhaps.

A reminder to myself and other people out there:

Great life is created by ourselves, and to do so one's willpower had to be strong enough to go through all the obstacles before reaching the intended target.

Lexus IS-F spotted. High performance car on par with BMW M3 and Mercedes Benz C63 AMG.
Just like human, each cars had their advantages and disadvantages.


Pass-by the Tsukemen shop where I had my first successful job application.

Today's lunch + dinner, Hiyashi Chuka (冷し中華). Tasted great especially eat it during a hot summer's day, but today's quite cold though.

A trivial stuff. Noticed what's not so right about this receipt?

Well I shall be doing some final revisions this weekend..... wish me luck in the mid-term test! :)

P/S: May also turns out to be a month where I had friends and family having birthdays. Once again happy birthday to both sis CLY & CLH, also Michie Yeo and Cong Jie! ^^


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  2. done. it's an interesting survey. :)

  3. what doesn't kill you will only make you stronger!

    i wonder why do u need to study chinese history, lol.. and the receipt, triple 6?

  4. Em:
    hahah that's what Mich used to told me.
    just for the sake of gaining credit points actually, plus having Chinese background might have slight advantage. :P
    yep, 666 there. scary is that I had the exact change in my wallet lol.