27 May 2010

The Great Sushi

Well I had a quite a few great stuffs went on lately, including helping in a charity bazaar, Thai Festival and a day trip to Ibaraki.
Lots of pics and yet I'm kinda lazy to write it out, perhaps some other time.

Anyway the reason why I'd single out this post is to write about one of the best sushi experience I had so far in Japan....

Last Sunday after coming back from Ibaraki back to Tokyo, one of the senior treated me and another Taiwanese girl for a meal as both of us are still kinda new to the organization (Tokyo FGS Youth). The reason, as a little reward for the day's work.

Undecided what to eat, we lingers in the Ikebukuro station and spotted a list of restaurants in the Tobu Store block. It was my day as the other 2 had no objection with sushi, yeah!

So we headed up to the 12th floor to this Japanese restaurant....
Oops sorry, no pics as I'm sort of carried away and it'll be kinda weird if I keep snapping photos hah.

Ikebukuro during night. The view is not as impressive as the other parts of Tokyo though.

Anyway I'll let u you judge how's the restaurant by the following pics.

Green tea, as normally served in Japanese restaurants.

Peng Tao & Chui Wei. Kinda funny that Peng Tao was distracted by something else when the pic is taken.

Looking through the menu...

Well you can see how happy I am.... with the big smile (grin). :D

Here comes the food....



Fatty tuna (まぐろとろ) and some other fishes (真鯛、さより、まぐろ赤身)

Salmon roe (いくら)

Sea urchin (うに). Usually I'd avoid it but this one tasted superb! The best!


My best sushi experience so far.... every bite of the sushi was juicy and tasted great even with just a little dip of soy sauce. There's the solidness in the flesh, the chewing sensation.... words can't describe it lol.
Anyway I was being told that there're better sushi out there, located at Tsukiji (築地) near Ginza... Would love to try it there one day.

There's this miso soup which comes with crab but I've forgotten to take pic of it argh...

Anyway the best of all, this meal was FOC and I'm happy guy after the meal. Big thanks to Peng Tao for giving me the opportunity to try to taste what sushi should taste like!
Judging from the picture quality, you can deduce that it ain't cheap!

It's kinda ironic that the organization we volunteered for is vegetarian, and yet we're "celebrating" by eating sushi (fish used) at the end of the day lol....


  1. Lucky you! ^^
    Seemed delicious... Really.

  2. hahahah, I wonder when I'll be eating similar sushi again.... few years time?