20 May 2010

Target Review for year 2010

It's near the mid of the year already, and oh boy.... it's about time to check what I want to achieve in this year's time!

#1 Going back to Malaysia

Which fortunately, had been confirmed so far. :D
Will be going back to KL for about a month, from 16 Aug to 18 Sept.

Lately had been thinking when I can go back to KL, and was glad that parents had finally gave the green light booking the ticket after found the decently-priced Air China fare. It cost RM 2,667 btw.

Although I did went back last year, it was rather short and hectic, I couldn't really find a good time to rest and spend more time with friends, doing things I like (like football!).

Hazy KLCC from last year. I hope I can see you clearly when I'm back.
Dear Indonesians please don't burn the crops!!

#2 Scholarship

This is another matter I've been thinking alot lately. Financial aid is crucial as a student here as the currency doesn't favour the Malaysian Ringgit much and yeah, many things are much expensive here.

The financial aid can comes in a few ways.

First, is the common scholarships by some cooperate company, organizations etc. Am aiming for those which will provide about 100k yen per month, but of course gonna study hard to get a good result, and an impressive performance during the scholarship interview. Ain't easy for sure but will do my best to achieve it!!

Secondly, is the internal system of the university, where they'll give discounts to the tuition fee to the top scorers in a year. So far what I know were 100%, 50% and 30% off for the entire year (2 semesters). If I can get it, it would definitely save a lot of money!!

So far consulted the university staff. Seems like the aren't many choices for first year students as we don't have a solid result yet so will likely to apply for it from 2nd year onwards.

In the university, it isn't that hard to get a pass as long as you attend the classes, concentrate in the class and don't miss the tests or exams.
But to get good marks will be another story, another mountain to climb.
Because of this, I'll definitely try my best to score the best I can!

#3 Part-time Job

The same topic which I've been talking since some time ago.
I'm still searching for a decent one which doesn't clash with my study schedule.
Tentative to work during weekdays' evening, and perhaps one day of the weekend. Being a little picky, I think this might be one of the reason why I wasn't chosen from the previous job interviews.
Anyway those job interviews do helped to train me how to deal with it confidently. :)

Else, I might consider working as a tour guide in Kawagoe's Koedo tourist spot as I can make use of my multi-lingual advantage. I guess I might get paid higher in this field. Sounds like a good idea and if I work only during the weekends, I can concentrate better in my studies during the weekdays.
It's a win-win situation, able to maintain study and at the same time earning some $$$. :)

#4 Secondary computer

I've been considering getting a mini-laptop/netbook for some time as a backup computer. Nowadays the netbooks are getting more and more powerful while maintaining it's small size, for portability.

I don't really like carrying my Dell Studio 15 out that often as it's heavy and frequent moving will not really do good for a laptop's health. For now I still have to carry on as it's needed for university's lessons. I do wonder why the university doesn't provide computer for lesson huh?

Currently am eyeing this ASUS EeePC 1005PE. As the pioneer of netbooks and good feedbacks I've read, I think I won't go wrong with it eh.

Intel Atom N450 1.66GHZ
Windows 7 Starter
10.1" 1024×600 WSVGA screen
10 hours battery life

Am planning to get it together with an EMobile plan, which will slash the netbook's price to 100 yen only! EMobile is a wireless Internet service which uses HSPDA network (same as 3G mobile) and basically can online from almost anywhere (as long as within the coverage).

I'll be on the move quite frequently from now on so to have a supplementary computer and online from anywhere, it's a real good deal to me.

Had discussed with parents about it and they agreed with it. It's just a matter of time before I'll get it, perhaps after I came back to Japan after summer holiday. If I did managed to get a job now, I might just get it ASAP. :)

That's all with my target review for the rest of 2010. Now aiming to achieve the 2nd target and it'll be all good!! :D
Wish me luck!!


  1. Yeah, I would get an EeePC as a secondary notebook too - perfect for traveling! :)

  2. yeah! do u plan to get one? :D