19 May 2010

Feedback on Game's Sound

Well this is a report that I'll be passing up next week. First drafted it in English before translating it back into Japanese. Tough job but I can only relay my thoughts better in English for now.

Since it's an interesting topic so I've decided to post it on the blog. What's your say? :)
(English is written after Japanese in this post)


学籍番号 31010130
お名前 チェン リン ファン
科目名 マルチフィールド ゲーム音響 1st term (22年春学期)









Feedback on Game's Sound

Student ID 31010130
Name Cheng Ling Fan
Subject Multi field: Game Sound 1st term (year 2010 Spring semester)

It was a very interesting subject to study indeed. As a fan of game’s music this lesson had given me the chance to look in depth into the world of game’s music, which doesn’t just limited to composing the BGM, but as well as the sound effects etc.

In my opinion, music has great power that could move people, just like how soundtracks/scores come together to make a great movie (example: Lord of The Rings, Star Wars, Pirates of the Caribbean etc.).

In the game’s industry, Final Fantasy is a great example as they’ve been in the market since the 1980s and still going strong today. Songs used in the series had been regarded as some of the best compositions of game’s music industry, which is why the concert of Final Fantasy music is so popular around worldwide, mostly fans of Final Fantasy games.

For some people, they love to play the game not because of the storyline, but because of the sounds in the game.

The sounds, BGMs enhance the game’s overall playability, make the game even fun, even more interesting. The usage of the song genres is equally important as well.
For example, rock songs work well with battle scenes; adventurous orchestral piece for exploring the world map.
The atmosphere of a particular city or location can also be expressed well in the form of sound, music. Example: cave would normally be paired with a dark, eerie tone.

When listening to the music/sounds off the game, it would remind people of the scenes, story, character in the game. How would the songs/sounds relate to them, happens naturally within our conscious. It’s the same concept as recalling the memory stored in our brain when we look at a photo, or watch a video.

Although I’m currently still a first year student, but it’s an interesting field that I can consider for my future, as I would like to work in music production related to movie soundtracks or game sounds. It’ll be a pleasure to work in a job that could somewhat manipulate emotion and inspiring others at the same time. Thus, I might consider taking the game’s sound class during my 2nd year in the university.

Music communicates with people’s inner soul, directly and indirectly.

Well here're some examples of music used in few Final Fantasy series, which I've been quoting as the examples in my report.

"Liberi Fatali", opening of Final Fantasy VIII. [link]

"To Zanarkand", from Final Fantasy X. [link]

"Waltz For the Moon", from Final Fantasy VIII. [link]

"One-Winged Angel", the final boss Sephiroth's theme from Final Fantasy VII. [link]


  1. Wow... Really nostalgic now that I'm looking back to the Opening of FF VIII. ^^ I finished it when I'm in 6th grades.

    And FF X seemed to be a sad story at the end... Now I feel like playing it .....

  2. if I can play those FF VII - X on PSP then I might consider get it next time. ^^

  3. Cool~I mean your feedback... Don't know I can write such long feedback or not.. I only know FF8..I love the character so much~ hehe

  4. 興味を持てば、書けると思う。
    hahah yeah, FF8 is great! the first FF I play. ^^