17 May 2010

Panoramic pics, years ago

* Just a shot update here before I had the time the write a more proper post.

Lately am going through the pics I had in my computer, going down the memory lane. Noticed that years ago I've actually took a few pics that're possible to stitch up to make it panoramic.

I only discover stitching pics technique last year so was kinda excited to see how pics I took back in 2007 and 2008 look after stitching it up.

At BOH's tea plantation, Cameron Highlands. Dec 2007.

Lim Kok Wing University, Cyberjaya. Dec 2007.

Sepang F1, March 2008.

Going through the pics makes me miss Malaysia even more! :S


  1. I've only been to Sepang and the very same Boh plantation (there are two up there).

    Haven't been Lim Kok Wing, it looks HUGE!

  2. whoa didn't expected you'll be here HB!
    yeah LKW is quite big, kinda interesting to get into the university to see how things work inside there. :)