13 May 2010

Searching for Job?

Apologise for missing in action lately, am busy searching for jobs lately (pretty obvious as stated in the title).
As stated on the previous post, I did found a job in a ramen shop but at the end of the day I've rejected the offer.

Reason is because it's exhaustive (well, every job does isn't it?) plus the long working hours will not do any good to my studies. My top priority is definitely study, so I couldn't take the risk to mess it up.
This is just the first year, and I still haven't go through a semester so I wouldn't say that I'm pretty clear with how things work in the university.

After consulting others, there comes a viable choice of working in convenience store. The job seems to be easy, but it isn't. Besides handling transaction over the counter, other job context includes stock checking, cleaning etc.
And at the same time, the pay isn't that great compared to other jobs (750 yen VS 850 yen).

Lawson is hiring! Near Kawagoe station West entrance.

One thing which matters to me is the working hours. For now I'd like to work during weekdays, especially Wednesday - Friday as the classes aren't that heavy-loaded compared to Monday and Tuesday. Most are having shift from 5pm to 10pm but I'll try and see whether I can negotiate it to a better hours fitting my schedule, say from 3pm to 8pm (5 hours as well).
During Friday it's possible to work further til midnight, but that's just for a day in every week.

This Family Mart seems promising, will try to call tomorrow.

Another factor is the location. Well basically the closer the better, but I don't mind cycling if it's ~15 mins distance away.

This 7-11 is located in between my hostel and university, but the timing seems to be a little off as they need late-night staff.

Few shots of the convenience stores I've went through just now.


Will continue to search for the convenience store job in the meantime, but in case I can't get what I want, I might as well temporarily shelf the plan of finding part-time job and instead, look whether there're any volunteer jobs around or not.

Sounds kinda antagonistic, but able to help, serve others without receiving a single yen and without time constraint is more meaningful than working in dreaded hours doing things that I might not be interested in just for the sake of money.
Although money is important, but the more important is the happiness that I gain from experiences doing different things. :)

I might do so, if I couldn't get convenience store job.

Actually one of the reason to get a job is because I don't wanna waste the free times I had after the lessons. I wanted to do something useful or meaningful that's able to turn into something useful to me as well, in the form of $$$ or experience.
Since I'm still quite young, don't wanna waste the golden times just like that. :)

At the same time, should my studies went pretty well with good marks, it'll definitely boost my chances of applying scholarship. Besides, having volunteer experience in the resume will look better too. :)

Well then, end this post with this shot taken from my balcony. Will be having my dinner soon.