07 May 2010

Job in a Tsukemen shop

This lately I've still been searching for part-time job, and I'm glad to say that I've finally landed a job today.

The story goes like this, last week I visited this tsukemen (a form of ramen which I kinda like) place which opened like few weeks ago. Since it's just opened so I reckon it might be hiring staffs.


Few days ago I made a call to enquire about the job, and was being told to wait for phone call for interview, and basically I didn't really put high hopes on it as usually I'll be called for interview pretty soon based on previous experience.
Then I got the phone call yesterday afternoon and had the interview this evening.

When I first went into the shop around 415pm they're having break so briefly introduce ourselves to each others. Was glad that the staffs there are kinda friendly and I hope I can get along well with them.

Later when the boss came in the atmosphere tensed up a little bit as he's sort of angry bout something. Although I couldn't really get what he's talking about but you know, when the boss gets angry, things may turn out to be ugly.

The interview was one of the most tensed I ever had, but turns out to be kinda OK after negotiate with the boss about my working time.

Below is my working schedule for a week:
  • Wednesday: 6pm - 10pm
  • Thursday: 6pm - 10pm
  • Friday: 6pm - 12am
  • Saturday: 6pm - 12am

    Total 20 hours, with the hourly wage from 800 yen onwards. It's kinda low-priced compare to in Tokyo but for now as long as I can get a job, I'll just get it.

    As for weekend I still need to negotiate with them a little as I'd like to work for just a day during the weekend, leaving me a free day to do things I want. Although I'm still new but I don't wanna exhaust myself so fast yet. Besides, my main priority is still the study in university.

    Since today's a trial period I wasn't getting paid but was provided with an order anything from the menu. Started the shift at 5pm.

    So what I did today.... first was being introduced with some of the more simpler works behind the kitchen, such as washing dishes (probably the process everyone had to go through starting a new job), collect finished dishes, refill water and clean up some of the trays etc.
    To be honest it wasn't that hard, it's just that this is the beginning so not so many things to do first.

    Anyway, later I might be learning to serve the customer and maybe prepare the dish itself. Still need to learn the basics before advancing to another level eh.

    I know the timing might be a little hard to me, but will try to work it out and see how is it. I know working + studying at the same time is quite a task, but will try to work it out and see.

    Done my job around 8pm today as it's just trial eh. Was treated with a bowl of tsukemen after that.

    This wasn't the tsukemen I had for today but roughly had the same thing except I had the soy sauce flavor (picture is the pork & fish-based soup version I had last week).

    Some stuffs I got today.

    The bandana, engraved with the shop's address.

    The working t-shirt, with the word "鷹" written on it.

    Well then, I'd off now, as tomorrow still need to go out to do some volunteer work til Sunday.
    Hopefully getting this new job, it can somehow ease off a little burden especially on my expenses over here. Wish me luck!! :)

    [UPDATE] 10 MAY 2010

    Well, I've decided not to take the job.

    After asking for people's opinions, it's not wise to get into such job as it'll drain my energy a lot and risking my studies as well. I deserve a better job so no need to rush first.

    For now I'm aiming for office work or tourist service job, which I can make use of my multi-lingual advantage. They say nowadays, is the era of using brain instead of physical strength.

    Ah well, back to job-hunting again.

    1. Good Luck! :)

    2. Wow. Really nice to see you got a job now. ^^
      I am just starting to apply the working permit from my University.. So probably won't start working so soon yet....

      Arghh.... My Macbook Pro...

    3. SL: thanks!~ :D

      MH: lol.... good luck there too!

    4. wah congrate ler~ nice can get a job already~